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For most people, when they think of eBay they think of a huge online garage sale. In reality, today’s eBay is so much more. While you can still buy or sell almost anything, more and more people are turning to eBay as a business. Many major corporations, such as IBM, Hudson Forest Equipment and others, use eBay as a venue to sell their products.

Over the years, eBay has evolved from the simple online auction format. One of the first deviations was the Buy It Now option. This allowed sellers to set a specific price they wanted for an auction item to allow buyers to skip the bidding process. For many sellers, this increased sales and repeat customers.

Added features, such as pictures and My eBay made finding and keeping track of auction items much easier than finding web sites to store item photos, and browser bookmarks a thing of the past. With every upgrade of My eBay, the user receives more options to track the items they are buying or selling.

From the Buy It Now option came eBay Stores. This allowed sellers, for a fee, to set up an online store to sell their products in a safe environment. By listing items in the store with only a Buy It Now price, the seller still had all the benefits and features of the eBay marketplace.

Regional Selling, especially in the automotive and machinery categories, made buying and selling vehicles and other items to large to ship a reality. Buyers now had an option to look for items they could pick up locally and avoid excessive shipping costs.

Recently, began a new option – Want It Now. This option allows buyers to list items they want to buy but cannot find listed on eBay. This is a fantastic opportunity to locate hard to find or specialty items.

With the purchase of PayPal several years ago, integrated the entire process of buying and selling on one site. Purchase the item, click a few buttons and the item is paid for and on its way to the buyer. Seller’s benefit from PayPal by receiving payments in a more timely matter than waiting for money orders and such through the postal mail.

Recently, eBay purchased Skype. Skype is an online phone service that, for a fee, allows users to make and receive online phone calls. This benefits eBay users by facilitating communications between buyers and sellers.

Although there are other online auction services on the web, is by far the largest and most well known. It is also the most trusted auction site. Over the years, eBay continues to change its business model. While keeping the old original simple auction listing, they continue to add new technology and improvements in order to remain number one in the business.

What the future may hold for buyers and sellers remains to be seen. But both can rest assured,; will continue to expand and make the eBay marketplace an even better experience.