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Why the New Digg will be good for your Business

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Digg has always been a site that can drive a huge influx of traffic to websites, and has caused servers to crash by driving in excess of one million page views in a mere few days.

  1. The new Digg works similarly to Twitter in that its main function is to exhibit news that is supported and enjoyed by people you follow.
  2. It allows you to have a page of your own instead of having to post links to the Digg main page.
  3. This means that you could build up quite a following, with your content being displayed on your follower’s My News pages.
  4. When your followers “Digg” your content the story is posted on the My News page of those who follow them and so on, creating thousands of links.
  5. Top digs will appear on the “Top News from People You Follow” widget which is posted on the sidebar of the My News page, which gives you great exposure.
  6. This method of “digging” eventually leads to viral exposure, which means that it, in effect, becomes a viral marketing engine for you.
  7. Digging is a way of posting authoritative information about your niche without having to write the copy yourself, so it is a much quicker way of marketing