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Why choose Key Features

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Thanks to email, everyone get to have the easiest and the most convenient way to communicate. When I am sending a message for personal use or for business, I can just an e-mail with just one click. All that is needed is an email account and I am good to go. And in choosing a mail service provider, there are various options to choose from.

Personally, I am using for several reasons. I know for a fact that it is one of the most popular mail servers. But apart from being a reliable email service provider, it has also a nice array of features that I find easy to use which perfectly suits for an online user like me who simply wants to enjoy the features without all the other complexities.

Why Choose

Many of the people I know would ask why I prefer using over its popular counter parts like let’s say Gmail or Yahoo Mail. For one, it is very easy to use and not to mention that I got to personalize my email which makes it more credible and professional. Although it may not be feature packed like Gmail or Yahoo where you can read news, customize the design of your email, view weather forecasts, etc., has all of the necessary tools and features that you need in a reliable email service.

Key Features of

  1. Sync Your Facebook contacts into your e-mail.
    One nice feature of is that it allows users to sync their Facebook contacts in your account. To start importing your contacts on the social networking site, click “Contacts” which is found at the bottom left part of the inbox and choose the desired option. I can instantly chat with my Facebook friends when I am using my account.
  2. Mobile Access
    With the mobile friendly platform of when you open your email account using your phone, you can easily work your way around. From finding contacts to composing messages, you can use the features of with ease even you are on a rush. This is very useful for people like me who are always on the go.
  3. Spam Filter and Antivirus Protection
    Are you tired reading all these nonsense email coming from senders you do not even know? With the spam filter feature of the site, you can instantly click any unwanted email as spam. The next time the same sender sends you an email, it goes automatically to the folder. Apart from the spam filter, also comes with antivirus protection.
  4. Easy, simple and fast to navigate interface With the simple interface of the website, you can easily navigate the website. It does not have any complicated features that are difficult to use. All of the things that you need are found in this email platform. From managing your contacts to creating and organizing your emails, you can conveniently use
  5. Create a more professional email address.

Do you want to personalize your email address? This is definitely the best choice for you. With, you get to customize your email address, unlike other email providers. Personalizing your email address is very useful especially for those who want to make their email look professional.