Last Updated: March 10, 2012 3

What is MMA Pro Fighter on Facebook?

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MMA Pro Fighter is a relatively new browser roleplaying game on Facebook similar to games such as Mafia Wars and its countless sequels and clones. Fans of those games will naturally find a lot to love about Pro Fighter, but it may find an audience with fans of mixed martial arts who might not normally play RPGs.

If you’ve played other games of this style, you should know how to play this one. You create a fighter, perform training exercises to earn experience points and money, buy items that will unlock other exercises, invite your friends to join your gym, and fight other players all to level up and become to strongest (and richest) fighter on Facebook. It’s really nothing new as far as gameplay is concerned, but like similar games it’s a fun way to waste some time and play with your friends.

What sets this game apart is its presentation and use of the MMA theme. It’s no secret that leagues like the Ultimate Fighting Championship are incredibly popular right now, so it was probably only a matter of time before we saw a game like this one. It does make good use of its theme, especially as far as the fights are concerned. Players still cannot control the outcome of the fights, but it’s still satisfying to see how they play out. A play-by-play commentary describes every blow and takedown while images of the fight flash across the screen with the requisite sound effects. It makes the fights far more engaging than they have a right to be, and it’s really satisfying when your fighter comes out on top.

Games such as MMA Pro Fighter probably aren’t for everyone, but if you like Mafia Wars this is one to check out.