Last Updated: October 26, 2015 0

What is LinkedIn Invitation?

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Once you have started a LinkedIn account you will then have to invite contacts in order to start the networking process. This is something that may take time, but have some contacts in mind that you would like to add.

Firstly, to get invitations you will have to look at the Inbox section of your LinkedIn page. This will allow you to see who has sent you messages and invitations using the LinkedIn system. Under the Inbox heading there is an ‘Invitations’ option that you can click on for this purpose.  Use the drop down menu that you will get when you hover over the “Send Invitation” key. You will be presented with 3 categories. To get started it is suggested that you select the “Fast” category. This will allow you to get started on LinkedIn a little faster by inviting people more quickly. You should then invite the people that you have in mind as useful business contacts or friends. To invite people you will need their name and their email address.  There will be a number of boxes for you to fill in, each with very clear instructions. Once you have filled in the required information an invitation will be sent to the person whose name and email address you specified. There is a lot of information that you may need to include at this point, and, because LinkedIn is for making professional contacts that may be useful to you in your professional life, it is suggested that you preview your invitation before sending it to make sure that there are no errors and to ensure that it shows you in the best light possible.  Once you are happy with your invitation, click the “Send Invitation(s)” button and your invitations will then be sent.