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What is LinkedIn Introduction?

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In order to make contacts on LinkedIn you will have to introduce yourself at times. If you want to do this quickly and easily you will have to know how to use the Introductions function on the LinkedIn system.  Like with the ‘Invitations’ section this will be found under the Inbox in your LinkedIn account. There will then be a ‘Send Message’ drop down menu. You will then have the option to select “Send Inmail/Introduction” which will then allow you to search for other users of LinkedIn. There are a number of search options that you will be able to use. Again, like with invitations, there will be a number of fields that you will have to fill in in order to try and locate the contact that you are most interested in. it is suggested that you try the basic search options first and only move on to advanced search options if you cannot find you’re the contact you are looking for after trying a number of different permutations of their contact name and information. To search for the person whose information you have entered you will have to click the ‘Search’ button.

You can also look for a new contact by looking at the contacts that your other contacts already have.  Look through their list of contacts and when you see someone that you are interested in, click the “Get Introduced” button. This will allow you to make an introduction to the person that you are interested in becoming connected with. You will have to select a category for your introduction and provide a subject heading for it. You will then have to compose messages for both the person you would like to be introduced to and the person who you are requesting the introduction from, in other words, the contact that you already have who you are hoping will connect you with the other person.  Again it is very important that you preview this message as it needs to be professional. Once you are happy with the message that you have composed you will be able to click the “Send” option and the message will be sent.