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Using Your Hotmail Account

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Signing In and Out of Your Hotmail Account

Once you have a Hotmail account, you can sign in and out anytime. To sign in, go to On the right side of the screen, you will be asked to enter your Windows Live ID. This is just your e-mail address. (Don’t forget to include the part of the address.) You also have to enter your password. Then click the “sign in” button. You will be brought to the home screen of your account. To sign out, simply click the “sign out” button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Using Your Hotmail Account

To check your e-mail, sign in to your Hotmail account. Hover your cursor over the word “Hotmail” at the top of the home screen. A short list of options will appear. Click on “inbox.” Your inbox contains all of the messages that have been sent to your e-mail address. You will immediately see the subject, date, and sender of each message. If the message is unread, this information will appear in bold font; otherwise, it will appear in plain font. Click on any message to read it.

To send a message, hover your cursor over the word “Hotmail” at the top of the screen and click “send e-mail.” On the first line, enter the e-mail address of the recipient. You can send a message to multiple people by entering multiple e-mail addresses, separated by spaces. On the second line, describe the subject of your message in a few words. In the large empty space, type your message. When you are finished, click “send.” (The “send” button is near the upper-left corner of your message.)

If you want to save somebody’s e-mail address, you can add him or her to your contacts list. (Your contacts list is essentially an online address book.) Hover over the word “Hotmail” and click “contacts.” Then, click the word “new” in the upper-left corner. You will be given the chance to fill in a great deal of information about the person, but you can simply enter his/her name and personal e-mail address if you prefer. When you are finished, click “save.” Once a person is on your contacts list, you can e-mail him/her by clicking “contacts,” hovering over the icon beside his/her name, and clicking “send e-mail.” The message will automatically be addressed to that person. You no longer have to remember his/her e-mail address!

These are the very basics of sending and receiving e-mail messages. However, your Hotmail account has many more useful features. Feel free to experiment with them as you make e-mail part of your life!