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Nextag – Shoppers Price Comparison Made Easy

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Without any surprises, one of the first and most expected results of the advent of the Internet was the commercialization processes normally serviced by bricks and mortar businesses. Indeed it was the expectations of this phenomenon all commercial activity being reduced to web site transactions for all goods that could possibly be bought or sold; that all purchases could be handled by credit cards online with the client using web sites to study every product or service that interested them and to have the item home delivered if necessary. The minds of the smartest and brightest all created the massive ground swell that lead to the Internet bubble explosion of 2001 when the stock markets finally grasped that yes it would happen much as they envisaged, but that it would take a few decades and not just a few years to come reality. And so now we have the web 2.0 where sales and marketing are no longer just a brutal top down approach of big business using their standard array of tricks and lies to force us to buy what they have to sell us. Rather that consumers can and now do organize on mass with their user experiences so that future buyers can learn from the earlier experiences.

Nextag Connects You Directly to the Vendor’s Web Site When You are ready to Buy

And so whilst we have product review web sites in the millions, where internet marketers publish web sites that extoll the virtues of whatever product they are affiliates for (read as getting paid a commission to refer buyers to), we also have a number of larger and complex sites devoted to price comparison. That is, for each model or item of a brand name product which can be purchased from thousands of competing retail stores as well as from the manufacturers online; the price comparison web site will pull together on one web site the best prices of all retail sources that consumers could use. And from this aggregation of pricing data, which also incorporates stock levels on hand; consumers are able quickly find the bargains they are looking for. And just as importantly for the participating retailers, they can broaden their market reach to such price comparison web sites (in return for commissions paid) so that they can be considered by consumers in their buying decisions.

It Works By Users Drilling Down into your Preferred Brand Name to Find What you Want

Nextag is just such a price comparison web site, and its range of products offered is extensive and the site is very well laid out and easy on the eyes. By joining the web site, which is entirely free of charge and just a matter of registering your email address and user name, you are able to use the web site to integrate with your personal messaging programs like Windows Live so that you can invite your contacts and also check to see if any of your contacts are already members. The idea here is that the Nextag web site gains more credibility for purchasing decisions if there is a bunch of connected people all being members; thus implying a higher trust level of the service. And so are the social networks similarly integrated and so you import your contacts from FaceBook and Twitter also.

All the Usual Categories Shoppers Look for on Nextag

The main categories are all the usual suspects such as jewelry, sporting goods, health and beauty products, all manner of electronic gadgets from phones to GPS, computers of all flavors, formats and styles, home and garden, and not to be forgotten; clothing and fashion accessories. Unfortunately Nextag is not a site of user driven web 2.0 content; where it is the user who writes and publishes their own personal review experience, and so the Nextag site does not accumulate a growing wealth of information that can be trusted because it is not marketing material concocted by the vendors. Certainly the site is essentially vendor based advertising content, all extolling the virtues of their products, and Nextag could increase the siteís credibility if after you have opened your account you are able to write your own blogs as you see fit. The site does have a blog, but that is Nextag editors doing all the content writing on what they think is a good idea for you to read.

Smart Phone Enabled, Nextag is Easy to Use

The entire site is accessible by your smart phone or iPhone, and the site also has versions purposefully designed for the United States, Australian, Spanish, United Kingdom, French, Canadian, German and Italian market places and no doubt further launches in the future will capture more of the most affluent market places where consumers are known to buy online. The head office is based in San Mateo California, and branch offices are located in London, Tokyo, Gurgaon and India. Commenced in 2000, Nextag has grown rapidly and in 2008 was voted one of the top fifty web sites in the wild. Without doubt the site is well funded, and it brags about being responsible for thirty million online purchases per month; though I doubt these figures have been audited at all. It is perhaps true that they receive thirty million site visits per month; but Nextag is not an Amazon type high volume retailer. That aside, Nextag is a powerful site for getting an understanding of what products will suit you best.

Using the Nextag site is very simple to do. By using the categories or the search function, find the product and brand that interests you. Whilst a summary appears on the Nextag site, each product has a link to the vendorís web site which enables you to click and purchase the product direct from them. The main point is that Nextag are not a warehouse operation where you are ever buying products directly from them; rather they are an affiliate web site sending interested customers directly to the vendors for order fulfillment order processing. This alone will of course limit customerís ability to negotiate special pricing, as any vendor reduction will to some extent cut out margin payable to the Nextag site.