Last Updated: October 18, 2015 1

How to manage Twitter followers?

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If you want to know who is following you, check out you “Followers” list. If you are interested in any of the people who are following you add them to your “Following” list to keep track of what they are doing. Remember that the more people you follow, the more people will follow you. Nine times out of ten if you start following someone they will start following you back. This of course depends on how many followers you want on Twitter, but the best way to get Followers is to follow them first. It is important to know that many people have become addicted to Twitter in the past, so you need to make a decision before you join Twitter about how much time and effort you are willing to devote to this social network. Try not to get bogged down with too many followers. Focus on quality rather quantity in order to use Twitter effectively. To figure out who to follow use the “Find Friends” for suggestions. This uses your accounts to find people on Twitter that you may already know.  The “View Suggestions” link will try to match you with people who have similar interests, and, to skip this and look directly for people who share your interests yourself, use the “Browse Interests” tab to browse for people by interests.  It is also a good idea to look for people who belong to the same organisations and clubs as you do.

You will have to choose ways to Twitter. It is a good idea to Twitter from your mobile phone as this is the best way to keep people updated on what you are doing while you are out.

Decide whether you want your Tweets to automatically be posted on Facebook as well. This may be a good idea to keep in contact with even more people, and may make your Facebook friends aware of the fact that you are on Twitter.