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How to Get Started with Digg

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Go to the Digg website and register here.

  1. Once you receive an e-mail address from Digg you can go to and start setting up your profile.
  2. Your profile needs to attract followers, so make it stand out and upload a nice picture for your avatar.
  3. Digg allows you to link to your blog and other social media sites, which is a good idea as it will drive traffic that way and help to create a bigger presence on the web.
  4. Your bio is the place where people will look to see if you are interesting enough for them to want to follow you. It should contain information about your interests, and should be honest.
  5. A page will come up that will give you suggested news sources to follow; choose the news sources which are of interest to you, such as Entertainment, Business, Gaming, Lifestyle, Politics, Science or any of the others.
  6. You will also be directed to a page which allows you to follow people with whom you are acquainted on Face Book, Twitter or Google.
  7. You can click on the Twitter, Google, or Facebook button on the left-hand side menu to load people from that platform. You want to do this because these are people who are already acquainted with you so are more likely to follow what you “Digg” and this is a good way to start building up a following.