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How to create HootSuite Account?

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Are you tired of having to keep track of so many different social media accounts? While HootSuite is a website where you can access all of your social media networks from one place! This makes socializing on the internet a whole lot easier and more convenient, and is especially suited to people who have a variety of different accounts. HootSuite works well for marketing companies who want to target a large audience through a number of different channels. With HootSuite you will be able to make your message felt in a number of different networks while only having to use one website to do it.

How can I create a HootSuite account?

There are some very basic steps that you can follow in order to create your own HootSuite account. It is quick and easy to do and once you have created an account you will never regret it. The steps you should follow are:

  • Use your internet browser to go If you are unable to click on the link to access the website, simply copy and paste it into your URL and press Enter. Or you could just type the address into the URL. This will take you to the homepage of HootSuite. If you get to the page with an owl on it, then you’re in the right place!
  • In the top right hand corner there is a secure login area. Below that there is a green button that reads “Sign up now”. This is what you will need to click on if you want to continue with the sign up process and create your very own HootSuite account.
  • This will take you to a form that you have to fill in if you want to create your HootSuite account. In this form you will have to specify the language you would like to use, enter your email address, enter your full name, type in the password you would like to use, confirm the password you would like to use, enter your time zone, and indicate whether or not you would like to subscribe to the HootSuite newsletter. Remember that the password you choose should be something that is easy for you to remember. At the same time it should also be something that other people will not easily be able to guess. Think about this carefully. Your email address is needed so that the verification email can be sent to you and so that you will be able to access your account if you ever forget your password. You then need to click on the “Create account” option.
  • Once you have done this you will receive an email notification at the email address that you specified during the sign up process. Click on this link. You will also be given the option of copy and pasting the code that appear in the email. If you do not click on the activation link in the email, you will need to give that code the first time you login into the HootSuite site in order for your email address to be properly confirmed and for your account to be properly activated. If you choose this option, copy the code form the email and paste it into the required field when you login at the HootSuite site. You are no ready to begin managing your social networks more efficiently.

Adding social media profiles

The next thing to do is to start adding your social media profiles. To do this you will need to go to the Launch bar which you will see in the top left hand corner of your screen once you have logged in to the HootSuite website. This Launch button looks like a little house. You can find it to the left of the word ‘Features’ and above what looks like a volume or bar graph. Once you have clicked on this, select the “Settings” option. Then click on the “Add Social Network” link. It’s as easy as that.

Composing a message

Composing a message is very easy in HootSuite. All you have to do is click in the “Compose Message” filed and then type your message. You are limited to 140 characters. You will be able to add attachments or links. When you are happy with the message you have composed, select the social network that you want to send the message to form the list on the right. When you have selected the social network, click on the ‘Send Now’ button.


When you receive a message or tweet you will have to decide what you want to do with it. Your options are to Reply, Retweet, or Direct Message. To respond to the message or Tweet hover your mouse over the tweet hat you are interested in and the options will appear. Choose the most appropriate one and click on it.

Searching Twitter with HootSuite

If you want to search Twitter using HootSuite, this is very easy. On your home page there is a “Search Twitter…” bar at the top of the page. All you need to do is type in the item that you would like to locate on Twitter, and then push Enter. It’s as easy as that!


In HootSuite you will have access to many different contacts. There are various things that you can do in relation to your contacts, including the following:

  • view Contacts
  • view people you follow in Contacts
  • follow someone in Contacts
  • unfollow someone in Contacts
  • view how many followers your followers have in Contacts
  • view how many people your followers are following in Contacts
  • view your followers’ Klout scores in Contacts
  • view your followers’ profile information in Contacts
  • view Lists in Contacts
  • block someone in Contacts
  • report a spammer to Twitter in Contacts

Using HootSuite is very easy and is great especially for marketing teams who work with Twitter on a regular basis. Signing up is easy and you can’t lose anything by giving it a try. You will be surprised at how much easier your life can become with HootSuite.