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How to Create a Account

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How to Create a Account

So, how do you create your own account? Follow the easy steps and create your account in a few seconds.

  1. To start off, go to the website, If you cannot access the link, simply copy and paste the site directly into the URL page and click Enter.
    When you open the site, you can find a big green button at the middle part of the page. Click the “Sign up now for your free email account” to start.
    You may also directly click the following to skip the homepage . In case you cannot open the link, copy and paste the link into the URL page.
    This link takes you directly to the online registration form. Before you can create your free account, you have to fill out the form and provide the needed information.
    In the first line of the registration form, you have to specify your gender. This is one of the required fields along with the “Personal Information” alongside the fields like “Last Name”, “First Name”, “Country” and “Date of Birth”. Make sure that you fill out the form accurately.
  2. After completing the registration form, you can now create your own email address. Before you can have your one, you should check if the address you want is still available. Personalize your email address by typing the name you want to use then choose the ending for your address by selecting among the different options. Click the “Check Availability” button to see if the email address you want is still available. If what you want is already taken, gives you other suggestions based on the personal details that you provided in the registration form.
  3. The next step is to select your preferred email address and create a strong password. requires you to create a password between 8 to 16 characters. A important reminder, when choosing a password, create one that you can easily remember and make sure that it is not too general so that other people cannot easily guess it.
  4. After you have confirmed your password, you now have to provide an alternate email address. In the event that you cannot access your email account like for instance you forgot your password, can use the alternate e-mail. This is where they can send the verification email so you can open your account. Aside from the alternative email, you also need to choose and provide an answer for the security question.
  5. To prove that you are human, you need to complete the security verification by typing the words show on the screen. If ever you cannot see the words, you can generate a new word and type the words again.
  6. Before you complete the signup process read the terms and conditions of Once you agree to the terms and condition, you can now confirm you account by clicking the green button.

Voila! You are automatically directed to your inbox.

Logging in To Your Account

When you have finished signing up, you can now easily log-in to your account. Key in your email address and password then click the “Log-in” button.
You can now access your account and use the different features offered by!

In just a few seconds, you can now enjoy the features of The site offers a quick and free email signup process to help you create and have your own email easily. If you want your email to be more professional and credible, this is far by one of the best choices in this aspect. Just follow the steps and there you have your own account. Plus, you can enjoy all of the features without having to pay for anything. Yes! is absolutely free.