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How do I set Facebook as my home page in Google Chrome?

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Set Homepage in Other Browsers:

Inn this video I want to show you how to set Facebook as a default homepage on your Chrome browser.

Let’s open up Chrome and go over to the menu bar and let’s click on this 3 stripes, when that opens up, let’s go down to settings and just click on that and a new tab is going to open up, ”the settings tab” and we have to change 2 things on there:

  • We need to change the on startup.
  • And we have to change the appearances.

On startup should be set to open this specific page and let’s go ahead and click that and let’s click this set a page and let’s go ahead and remove Google and let’s just put in Facebook and let’s change the appearance as well, change that from Google and set that to Facebook, and I’m going to turn on the show homepage button and just go ahead and close this.

Now without having to restart the browser, if I just click the home icon it will verify that we do in fact have Facebook as our homepage.