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ZShare – File Sharing Service

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There are many reasons to desire a file sharing service, not the least being is that you may wish to have a file to be easily accessed by other people whenever they may need it, but that you donít wish to open your computer up to the security risks of them accessing it from your own computer. Yes you can set a directory on your computer to have sharing rights which is usually what happens with peer to peer protocol applications made infamous by the music recording industry when they sulked and cried about pirated music, but then that raises the problem of how limited your own internet connection speed is, your upload data limits that you may have to pay for and having to leave your computer turned on twenty four hours every day. And so while you could provide this kind of file access by using a peer to peer application; in fact there are much better and more efficient options available; namely using a file sharing service purpose designed for this function. Sitting on cloud computers stacked with multiple servers, and connected to massive sized fiber internet connections, file sharing and transfer sites are the perfect alternative.

Problematic for its Down Times and Slow Speeds, Z Share Net is Not for Everyone

Z Share Net is one such web site that is specifically designed for the purpose of you uploading the file or files you wish to share, and then providing you a link to those files to whoever you want either through chat sessions, blog posts, or email. And in a lot of situations, people have no intentions of sharing the link with anyone; rather they use Z Share Net as a way to store on a different computer their own files as a back up copy of them. Sometimes known as a Cyber locker, the essence of services like Z Share Net is that they primarily or for storing files off site. The decision on how to use the Z Share Net is up to you, the owner of the files. You can keep your files locked up and password protected; or you can publicly display the link to them for anyone to access them at any time. It is important to remember though that if no one accesses and downloads the files within sixty days, then the Z Share Net site will automatically delete the files irrevocably and without notice to you. Such files not accessed within sixty days are deemed no required any longer. The process of using the site is very simple, as is creating an account with them. The Z Share Net site is free to use, and it is a simple matter to create your account, upload your files as you desire and when this has been done you are given a link. With this link, you can email it to others, publish it online for anyone to access, of not divulge the link if you are simply using the service for your own private online back up service. It really is all up to you to decide. The Z Share Net is not especially fast, but it is a significant web site with its history dating back to 2005. With more than one million site visitors per day, and them accessing more than three million pages a day, it makes its money by carry advertising, rather than charging fees for its services. With its strictly enforced lack of tolerance for adult content, many users prefer to use file sharing sites with more liberal views. For my own personal needs, I do not use it because of its inherent slow speeds and regularly being offline when I happen to want to use it.

One Million Visitors per Day, Z Share Net is a Busy Place to Store your Files

Such a service can be vital for many reasons, not the least being that sending files very large in size directly from your computer to other people is simply not practical, and often not even possible. Email has strict limits at best; and often the email technologies simply cannot handle large files and is generally only useful up to about twenty to twenty five megabytes. FTP or File Transfer Protocol is very efficient and it will let you restart from where you stopped downloads and uploads after an internet connection has dropped rather than start again at the beginning but most people do not have access to web servers log in details and most also find the technology more complicated than what they wish to deal with. And so Z Share Net type services have proven to be especially popular because of their ease of use and high degree of functionality. While Z Share Net is entirely free to use, because many users have used it illegally to host porn and or pirated materials, Z Share Net has suffered from litigation by big business trying to protect their copyright information. While it seems very unfair to blame the hosting service for what its users have used the service for, America is more of a corporation than a country and the courts support the financially strongest long before they consider what is justice and fair. When checking them out online, you will see independent rating sites report that Z Share Net is up online and available about ninety nine per cent of the time; you will experience repeating cycles of the simply never seemingly to be ever available at all. And like most free file sharing web sites, Z Share Net has a one hundred megabyte file size limit. There is no download limit.