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Everything You Need to Know About ZOZI

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ZOZI is a one of a kind startup website that is based in San Francisco and has been steadily emerging as the leading expert for trip and adventure planning. Discover new things to do and see and book extraordinary trip- down the street or across the globe- and enjoy the expert advice and insight the ZOZI travel experts and guides can offer you. ZOZI can give you everything you are looking for in your next trip or adventure, from midnight kayaking, zip lining, and cliff diving to oyster farming, safari exploration, and white water rafting. Best of all, you can enjoy these once in a lifetime moments with an expert guide leading the way.

ZOZI is committed to giving all of its members the best experiences and delivering the best service offered in the travel industry today. What makes this site and platform so unique compared to other travel sites is that ZOZI does the hard work for you so you can focus on enjoying the moment. They search for, screen, and bring on board the best guides and leaders to ensure you trip is the best it can be. They give you access to the best trips, deals, and gear available. With this team behind you, it is easy to get our and experience the world and live your passions!

Getting Signed Up

It is easy to get signed up with ZOZI and get planning your next great adventure. Simply fill in basic info like name, screen name, email, password, and your location. The option is available to sign in with your facebook login to speed up the process and connect the two platforms.

With an account you can earn points to redeem for coupons and discounts on travel deals and items. You can manage your own personal bucket list of the places you want to see before you die. Look for major tours and travel deals in major cities in your area. Sign up for tours, travel plans, and other events through the site and even have the option of getting a fully guided tour offered by ZOZI travel experts! Search for travel ideas at the local, region, nation, or global level.

The site also connects you to a number of gurus and experts who can help you plan your trip and answer questions you may have on travel ideas such as hiking, kayaking, photography, surfing, marathon running, exploration and more. ZOZI offers an extensive number of links and an abundance of information of a number of brands and products that can help make your travel experience even better- from clothing to supplies to accessories you can find it on this amazing travel site once you sign up!

How it All Can Work for You

Oftentimes when looking at a new site or company there are many questions that have to be answered before you will feel comfortable and before you will be able to trust them with your travel plans. The experts at ZOZI understand and respect this, and to that end they have created an extensive collection of Q&A’s from actual members who have utilized their services. Here are some of the most popular ones from their site

  • Does ZOZI host the adventures? For most of the adventures features on the site, ZOZI curates and partners with thousands of expert guides and agencies to develop the best trip possible! ZOZI serves as the mean to connect you with the experts offering the adventure you are interested in.
  • What sites does ZOZI partner with? Any site that can help improve the reach and impact of the site can look into becoming a partner with ZOZI, but the most common sites seen as partners include eCommerce sites, Media Companies, and Travel Supply Brands.
  • Will ZOZI ever come to my city? The ZOZI team is currently in 26 cities and they have made it a point not to expand too quickly so they can offer the very best in travel accommodations. If you want to ask the ZOZI team to come to your city or a city that is closer to you, they are open to suggestions and ideas and have a place on their website where members can email them ideas and suggestions.
  • Can another site sell ZOZI’s Guru experiences to help promote them? No, the Guru featured events are the exclusive property of ZOZI and they have very exclusive agreements with the featured Gurus and the numerous merchants that are featured on the site so they cannot be sold by third parties.
  • What makes the ZOZI Gurus so Great? The ZOZI Gurus are experts in their field and have been highly acclaimed- winning Olympic gold medals, breaking world records, hosting and directing their own shows, writing bestselling books, and being renowned leaders in the travel and adventure scene. They are passionate experts, knowledgeable authorities, and leaders in their world- which makes them perfect candidates for helping you plan and make the most of your next adventure.
  • How big are ZOZI’s travel groups for the events they plan and host? ZOZI makes it a point to keep the groups small and personal! Most of the events they host will have between 5-15 people.
  • Can I give a ZOZI Guru experience as a gift to a friend or loved one? Many people give the gift of a ZOZI trip or Guru Experience to the adventurer in their life and they have had many wonderful experiences along the way!
  • Is there a photographer on the experience? Most of the ZOZI Guru experience will have one professional photographer present. Just a few days after the event you’ll receive the images from the experience. For the regular trips and events there may or may not be a photographer present so check ahead of time and bring your own camera and equipment just to be on the safe side. ZOZI makes it a point for each event they plan to make sure there is time built into the schedule to allow you to take pictures throughout the day.

With such a new and unique approach to trip planning and adventure seeking, it is easy to see why ZOZI is becoming so popular! Check them out today and see what they can do to make your next trip the absolute best that it can be!