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Zoosk – Another Romance and Dating Site

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There are a very large number of social networking web sites today; most of which have a theme or niche purpose around which potential users share as a common interest and join because of it. For example perhaps the niches is about movies and discussions are all related to them; so movie buffs are most likely to join that site. Other sites are more focused on romance and dating; and so users self select their social network based on what they themselves are aiming to achieve from joining. And with the larger more popular social networks like FaceBook, there are a large number of ìappsî people can download and install which extend the functionality of the main site. These apps could enable the social network to be useable from their particular kind of mobile device, or they could be for games that can be played with other members of the social networking web site. Some of these apps are bought and paid for; most of them are for free. And sometimes, it is the app itself that explodes into being as a fully blown successful business in its own right. Sometimes the app becomes its own very big deal.

Started as a FaceBook App; Zoosk is Now its Own Social Networking Site

Zoosk has been one such business success that actually began its life as a FaceBook app that enabled the adding of romance and dating to the functionality of the FaceBook social network. Founded in 2007, it has since exploded to now claim more than fifty million registered users for its own fully fleshed out romance and dating social networking web site since it first became a big hit as a FaceBook app. Available in seventy countries and twenty five languages, Zoosk can be downloaded to all mobile devices and also as a desktop application and it is a fee paying dating web site. That is about the end of the good news about Zoosk because it is unashamedly all about making money and it doesnít care what it has to do to make that money. The bottom line is that Zoosk has a terrible reputation for misleading and deceitful conduct and the misuse and abuse of your information in unconscionable ways to self promote its business objectives. Zoosk has no qualms about emailing your contact list without approval and telling blatant lies to your friends in this spam about you and your actions in Zoosk. In addition to this, the Zoosk web site seeks to enforce upon its members its own moral judgment about who it is appropriate for people to date or even chat to.

Zoosk Needs to Learn about Integrity and Honest business Dealings

Having attracted widespread condemnation for abusing members address books for the spamming marketing campaigns to enlist and garner additional members; Zoosk will spam all your email contacts and lie to them about what you have done inside your Zoosk membership in respect to your friends. It would be wise to bear in mind that your email contacts could very well be your business or work related contacts, family or friends who you may have no interest in having spammed about what you are or are not doing inside Zoosk. And Zoosk does not let honesty or reality get in the road of what they will spam to your email contacts. They will happily tell your girlfriend that you have added other girls to be your friends inside Zoosk, even when you have not. Zoosk does not care; and it will not even tell the registered user that Zoosk has lied about them to their friends and contacts. Only when their friends and contacts confront the registered user do they learn wjhat Zoosk has being doing without consent behind their back.
And Zoosk has laid down their own arbitrary law that people of eighteen years old are not allowed to search for members above the age of twenty years of age. That is, eighteen year olds are expected to go and fight wars in the name of the American flag, yet they are forbidden to communicate with twenty one year olds in Zoosk just because Zoosk decided so.

Why Would Anyone Want to join Zoosk?

Joining Zoosk is not difficult, but be warned being a member is all but useless unless you are prepared to pay for it. The free level of membership is so heavily limited in functionality that it is barely usable at all. For example, you can search for people but only in the age range defined by Zoosk as suitable for you. With the free membership, you can send one message and one message only. You will be able to receive messages; but you will only be able to read the first few words of it. And you will be brow beaten at almost every click of your mouse that you are expected to join to access this or that feature. There is no question that there are vastly better and more functional romance and dating social network web sites out there that are entirely free to use. And they are much more likely to have the people you want to meet with because the field of who you can see is entirely wide open. Zoosk is severely limited to only those who pay money to find a date. Yet it is more than reasonable to not forget about FaceBook; the site that helped Zoosk become so popular. FaceBook has more than twenty times the number of members, is much easier to navigate, contains no limits on the messages and invitations you can send people and FaceBook has superior search tools for reaching out to contacts from earlier in your life.

Becoming a member of Zoosk is a high risk situation simply because of the lies that Zoosk will tell others about you without your consent. I can only strongly recommend that there is no shortage of honest as well as entirely free social networks out there. Zoosk is not to be trusted.