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The tends to be a majority of online businesses that have their entire focus on delivering free content and or a free user platform for people to us. For example it would be inconceivable for the likes of google to charge users directly for search result, and just as silly to imagine FaceBook ever charging people and to make them pay to open their accounts. The largest part of the Internet has been built on the premise that people are not to be charged for services except in the most rare and unusual circumstances; perhaps that the service is so specific and niche focused that it is never going to be of mass market appeal. And with the ìsoftware as a serviceî type business models; it is clear that almost all of them have a free entry level so as to tempt users to join in the first instance and to at least try the services; to then later (hopefully for the web site business owner) have the free membership upgrade to the premium level of service at some time in the future after they have come to reply on the services and enjoy them. By setting the limits of the free membership too low; the new user is frustrated and feels ripped off. By setting the limits of free membership too high; the user has no need whatsoever to pay money when they already can access the full range of service in the free subscription level. Such are the dilemmas of business management.

SurveyMonkey and Zoomerang Have Now Joined Forces

One interesting business that sits right on the cusp between being such a niche service business, yet still has much appeal for small business, organizations and consumers and schools is Zoomerang. Recently merged with SurveyMonkey, Zoomerang is an online ìsoftware as a serviceî business that helps people to create and design their own online surveys, invite participates to complete the survey and to efficiently collate and publish the results. Many businesses big and small need to survey their clients for quality control and improved product design purposes. User feedback and focus groups have been a big part of big business and sales and marketing activities for nearly one hundred years. Determining what clients want, and what they will and will not accept within given price points is all part and parcel of management information and decision making because it aggregates all of the intelligence on a product range from the ground up consumer perspective rather than relies on an old board member or chief executive making arbitrary decisions about products he will never use.

Very Easy to Open Your Zoomerang Survey Account

Zoomerang is easy to work with, and signing up for a free account only takes a few seconds with them only needing a user name, password and email address. It is then a matter designing your survey by following a simple to use wizard and the first option is to create an entirely new survey or to select from a template of an existing one already saved in the system. Either way, your new survey will naturally fit into one of the available categories such as Community, Customer Feedback, Demographics, Education, Events, Healthcare, Human Resources, something industry specific, just for fun, Political, Non-profit or for Market research. Within those categories, there are more than one hundred and fifty existing surveys on file for you to choose from and begin your project with. As you progress with the wizard, you are presented with a easy to use selection of choices to make about your color scheme and page layout that you wish to work with. One special feature of the Zoomerang web site is their ìquestion bankî; which is a resource of hundreds of questions in their database that have been certified and developed by survey and statistical professionals to be great ways to frame the questions being asked. That is, the way a question is worded and asked can create and engender a bias on how the question will be answered, and so it is better to work with questions that have no or little bias that survey participants will unwittingly fall into. And so from the left hand margin, it is easy to use the check boxes on any question you wish to add to your survey as you work down the list of those available to use.

Zoomerang Lets You RandomiZe Questions with the Click of a Button

Other very useful options you can select from in the draft survey form you are building are to randomize the pages and to randomize the question should you wish to. That is, many people choose to repeat their attempt to complete surveys several times, and indeed this can be a desired outcome of the survey is for educational purposes or for legitimate training purposes; and so as to make sure that people are not learning the survey by its questions order and the answers perhaps already given by someone else; the online survey can be configured with the click of a button to randomize all items on it every time the page is loaded in a browser.

Survey results are Everything

Of course surveys are always done with a purpose in mind, and that is to establish the collective results of all the participants, to analyze those results and to disseminate those results to the interested and concerned parties involved. Zoomerang enables you to view, browse, filter, cross tabulate, share or download the responses depending on the needs of the circumstances, and while it has default reports you can choose from, you can also build your own report structures as you wish. Downloading them is only available for the premium plans. There are no limits to how many questions you have in your survey, or how many responses you can elicit in the premium plans. The free plan is limited to ten questions and one hundred responses, and while you can share you results; they cannot be downloaded.