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Zoho Writer- Excelent Online Word Processor

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Zoho Writer is an Excelent Online Word Processor

Often the unspoken of mega trend that has been happening or forming in the Internet over recent years is the rapid emergence of ìsoftware as a serviceî business models where people no longer have to buy a copy of software on CD or downloading it to install on their computer; rather the software is hosted on cloud based servers and members login to their allocated space on those servers and save their data and work on them for access at later times. The world marvels at the explosion in the nature, type and variety of the social networks and web 2.0, but in fact social networking platforms and blogs in all their flavors are just one type of ìsoftware as a serviceî application. In a sense, it is like the world has gone from main frame computing access from dumb computer terminals through to the explosion of person computers with all software run locally back to the 1970ís towards a cloud based computer model where there only needs to be one (most current) copy of every application running on extremely powerful resources; all accessed by a massive variety of devices using the internet for connectivity.

Software As a Service Maruring with Great Applications Like Zhho Writer

As usual, Microsoft is still fumbling around with moving its products to ìsoftware as a serviceî models, but that is nothing new; Microsoft has always been about brute force to cull a market by destroying competition rather than anything approaching product innovation and progressive thinking. And so there is not many consumers losing sleep at Microsoftís continued decline as better quality products emerge and over take their core base of software, and in the software as a service model that is now so vitally important.

Zoho is a perfect example of a competitor that has only been around for six years, but already has rolled out an impressed suit of applications; all online be based web applications that fully can do everything that the Microsoft Office suite but better. In fact the Zoho Office Suite incorporates far more than just what the Microsoft equivalent can do and includes the following integrated solutions; Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheet, Zoho Reports, Zoho Show, Zoho Projects, Zoho Bug Tracker, Zoho CRM, Zoho Invoice, Zoho Creator, Zoho Wiki, Zoho Discussions, Zoho Planner, Zoho Notebook, Zoho Chat, Zoho Mail, Zoho Meeting, Zoho People, Zoho Books, Zoho Docs.

Part of a Huge Suite of Office Applications; it’s Hard to beat how Friendly Zhho Writer is

Taking Zoho Writer as an example of one for this bunch of applications, the Zoho suite’s word processor supports multiple users logged in at the same time all working on the same document at the same time; true collaboration between multiple users. It supports all of the usual and expected file formats, including Microsoft Word (DOC), Office Open XML (DOCX), OpenDocument text (ODT), XML text (SXW), HTML, RTF, JPEG, GIF and PNG files. But it goes even further with being able to handle embedded media from hosting sites such as Flickr, Zooomr, Youtube, and Vimeo. That is, if you want to insert a video into a text document, no problems; and that video can be hosted anywhere else that you like. It also supports some direct blog publishing; meaning that you compose the document in Zoho Writer and it will publish it to the blog you have predetermined. In fact Zoho Writer is one of the first online word processing applications to support both online and offline editing by using Google Gears. This means that you can get on with your composing work say for example on long distance plane travel and then save it in the cloud after you have touched down with it synching to the copy saved locally on your lap topís hard drive.

Easy to Open a Free Account to Save Your Work for Later

Opening your account with Zoho is very simple to do; they just need the usual user name, email address and password and after you have confirmed your email address by clicking the usual link, you are ready to login and get started. The conformation email does note that you must log in within the first week as the last stage of verifying your account. And when you have logged in, you are looking at an exactly the same type of interface that you would expect from any word processing application. In fact it is vastly superior to the likes of Microsoft Word because the interface is more intuitive, more logical and laid out better; less cluttered with confusing buttons that will never be used. This is not to suggest that Zoho Writer is somehow a basic word processor or in some way limited in functionality; indeed just the opposite. Zoho Writer is more useful and productive because it is simpler to use and needs no learning curve to understand exactly what each and every button does. And if you have a query, there is a pop up window that you can work with to check out all new features, and what each button does do. In fact it has by using this ìfeatures popupî tool that I learned what a lot of Microsoft Words buttons do; and for years could not understand because of the bizarre and complex way the Word is structured.

Collaborate With Others or Work Alone with Zhho Writer

Zoho Writer is a clean, crisp, and simple to use word processor that needs no training art all to get started. Its menu system is the best I have encountered and its feature list is extensive. If you want to publish your work composed in Zoho Writer anywhere else online, all you need to do is click ìDoc Rollî and it will pop up a small window with some Java script in it that you copy and paste to where on line you want it. This script will embed your document on any web page by calling a copy of the document from the Zoho Writer servers. Imagine you published the content in one hundred places, and then you wanted to edit it. No problems at all with Zoho Writer; the document is centrally stored on their servers.