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Zoho Show – Online Presentation Tool

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It Would Be HArd to Improve on Zoho Show’s New User Interface

It is interesting, but almost all of non-sales people think that they donít know how to sell or that they hate the idea of doing sales work of any kind. And yet this belies the real fact of the matter that we are all sales people; even if not in the sense of selling products or services to paying customers. The thing is, that when ever we want to get people to understand anything that we want or to do what we want them to do; it all involves us in selling them on the notion so that they agree with our needs and comply. And this is especially true at the office where there are no sales people at; rather there is an office filled with people going about their daily jobs doing whatever they have to do. Yet when it comes down to convincing others in the office to go along with what we see as the best way to proceed, or we are attempting to get our boss to see things the way we do, it invariably comes down to us presenting our case with our best foot put forward so that they can see the reasons why we should be listened to and agreed with. And this is why software products like PowerPoint were developed; to help people to visually explain our case and the merits of what we are saying. That is, using words is usually not enough in a world more influenced by visual representations, most especially in the classroom.

Creating Engaging Presentations is the Core of Zoho Show’s value

Zoho Show is one such product offering, it being a software as a service web site business that has tackled the issue of making it quick and easy for us to present information in the most engaging way possible. The user interface of Zoho Show is all about simplicity or ease of use and it guides us through the process of creating presentations that have maximum impact. Even starting from scratch, Zoho Showís wizard will guide you through how to select from its stored range of templates the right style of presentation to use. And it is just as easy to change to any other style at a later time, so what you choose at the beginning is not so important to stress about. And then you are presented in large font no real other choice other than to give your presentation a title and a sub title; again all can be changed at any later time. In real terms it mostly looks like a very simple to use word processor, which it is. But it has its main focus on the use of color, font styles and use of a fuller range of multi media type items that you can easly embed into your presentation. That is you can add in animations, video or slide shows; all of which can take the pressure off when it finally does come time to stand in front of the audience and present it all if in fact it is to be presented in person.

Entirely Free, Zoho Show is Head and Shoulders Above its Competition

Zoho Show gives you a very easy to use interface with each component or aspect that could possible shape or temper your presentation all available from a logical range of drop down lists and tabs. For example, under the ìshareî tab, you have options to embed it in a web site, publish it by other means or to broadcast it by email. Of course at the very least you can save it to your lap top to take it with you to meetings or to present it to a live audience. Or you can do a combination of these share options where by you may publish it online and then broadcast the link to a list of recipients. The list is seemingly endless as to how you can use Zoho Show. And for the more simple, traditional types of presentation, it is of course easy to insert objects like images which can be photographs or other items like arrows, flow charts and text. If you are using images, these can be linked to your images stored on photo web sites like Picasa or Flickr. The objects that come with your free account are very impressive and most certainly will add great visual appeal to your presentationís impact, no matter who the audience is.

Keep Your Presentations Simple, Eye Catching, and Powerful

The main thing to remember is the KISS principle; namely to Keep It Simple Stupid. We all are capable of getting quite intense about any subject that is dear to hearts; but the imperative is to remember our audience who is unlikely at best to have perhaps nothing more than a passing interest in any complex matter we present to them. In order to get the right decision from them we need to leave them with an impressive visual, confidence in us that we do know what we are talking about, and some ìtake awayî that they can quote to others later in their approval of our overall message to them. We are not asking them to know our subject to the same depth we do; rater we want them to agree for us to proceed to whatever the next stage is that we are seeking their approval for. And this is what makes Zoho Show such a powerful tool to use, and it far exceeds the bare bones basics that we can only ever achieve with Microsoftís PowerPoint application. Whereas most people dread seeing an obviously PowerPoint created presentation coming our away, with Zoho Show people will be easily impressed if only you invest the time it takes to populate your presentation with the fruit that it offers you to make your presentation great. Not only is it a vastly better tool to use, its built in methods of distribution make it a great productivity tool too.