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Using to Manage Your Business Effectively

Found In: Business offers state-of-the-art services to make your business management more efficient and to help you succeed in your own endeavors. Started as a network management framework provider for telecommunications and network equipment vendors, is basically a “suite of online applications” or services that you could access via their website or through mobile applications. They aim to provide the “most comprehensive set of applications” that have the quality to make their customer’s experience worthwhile, and that it could be accessed anywhere, anytime to help individuals, students, non-profits, and small and medium-sized businesses make the most out of their ventures. This is a very efficient way to focus on your business without worrying about getting more sales or getting paid, and even in supporting your customers, and making your business productive, because got it all covered with their services and apps.

How do I register for

Signing up at is actually easy and you actually got to try most of their services for free. To access your free account, first, you have to open Zoho’s website. Their website address is If you are unable to access the website using the link, simply copy and paste it into your browser’s URL bar or you can just merely type it and press Enter.

Once you’ve opened the site, you’ll immediately see a “Sign Up Free” option in the upper right corner of the webpage. When you click it, a “Create a Zoho Account” page will come into view. You would then need to fill in a current email address of yours, a password, and the word verification shown. After which, you would need to click the box that means you agree with Zoho’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, but before doing that you may want to actually read the said terms just to be sure that you do agree with everything laid out. If you find it satisfactory, then click “Sign Up” to continue. You could choose to check the box saying that you would also like to subscribe to Zoho’s newsletter.

Note that it is important for you to provide an actually existing email address of yours, not just because it would be your only means to access your account if ever you forget your password, but also because you would have to access a confirmation email, from, asking you to verify your account. Once you’ve confirmed your account registration, you could immediately start using their services. You would similarly have access to all software and applications of Zoho using the same email address and password you’ve provided.

If you either have an account in Google, Yahoo!, or Facebook, you could actually sign in to using these accounts. Just click the links under “Federated Sign In” that corresponds to the account that you want to use. A window that states all the information that Zoho would access in your Google, Yahoo!, or Facebook account, whichever you may choose, will come into view. If you agree, then just click “Okay” to continue and you’ll able to experience doing business with Zoho.

Costs Involved does not only offer a free sign up to their website but they also offer free versions of their software and apps. Without spending a cent, you get to experience the following features with Zoho:

  • Wide range of online applications you can choose from
  • Managing your work with reduced cost
  • Securely store your files and documents online and access it anywhere, anytime
  • Collaborate on projects and share information with other individuals and businesses
  • Provide unmatched customer support with ease
  • Track and manage your HR needs online
  • Hire the right people fast and easily
  • Create surveys and gather opinion
  • Manage your finances securely
  • Close more deals in less time
  • Access other collaboration applications, business applications (e.g. Applicant Tracking System, Help Desk Software for Customer Support, Invoice and Accounting Software, etc.) and productivity applications

Though the Professional and Enterprise editions of their software and applications come with a rather reasonable price, you would still be able to try it for 15 days – free of charge. On the other hand, the free edition, as the name suggests, would continue to be free for as long as you want. But note that it would have limited features compared to the Professional and Enterprise editions. An example of these features is the available online space that you could use to store your files and documents. If you’re using a free account, you get to use 100MB of space but with a Professional edition you get to have 250MB online space and 500MB space with an Enterprise edition.

Other than their fixed pricing, Zoho also offers volume based discounts for large customers and discounts to educational and non-profit organizations. They also provide “bundled pricing” for multiple Zoho apps necessities and if ever you choose to buy Zoho’s whole “suite of online applications”.

Similar to their online services, Zoho’s downloadable mobile applications are also all accessible for free. Though Pro apps come with a price, you still get to use the following apps free of charge:

    • Zoho CRM
    • Zoho Docs
    • Zoho Projects
    • Zoho Invoice
    • Zoho Writer
    • Zoho ContactManager
    • Zoho Creator
    • Zoho People
    • Zoho Books – Accounting App
    • Zoho Connect
    • Zoho Vault – Password Manager
    • Zoho ShowMote
    • SNMP MIB Browser
    • Site24x7 Website Monitor
    • Taskz
    • Zoholics

There are still more of their software and apps that you could integrate with Google. You would be able to do your business anywhere, anytime you want without the hassle of bringing your desktop with you. As long as you got a decent internet connection, your data and information would all be accessible with just a swipe of your finger. offers you everything you could need in managing your business. You could start for free, pay as you go on, upgrade when you need it, go back to using the free version, and close your account whenever you like. It won’t take you long to figure out Zoho’s website but if ever you do need help, Zoho’s own customer support service is also always available whenever you need them. Through their services, you could surely do your business with ease and efficiently work toward success.