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ZipList, the Multi-Tasking Meal-Planning Organizer

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One of the many chores we do is grocery shopping. For some it is a treat, but for most, it is what it is – a chore. Grocery shopping is one aspect of our lives that isn’t influenced much by evolving technology. It is still a very manual errand to do. It is a good thing that there are applications that makes grocery shopping more manageable. One of such application is ZipList. The people behind this company understands the needs of grocery shoppers and strive to give them an accessible and simple tool to manage grocery lists and meal plans.

ZipList is meal-planning and grocery-list organizer integrated into one program. It is targeted for busy people, and that means just about anyone. This web-based program offers a seam-less transition from creating weekly meal plans, to organizing to-buy lists, to get discount coupons for today’s shoppers. With it, users can also sync your grocery list and recipes with their cellular phone for easy access anywhere.

At the ZipList website, one can search for more than 1,300 and add it to his favorites list or to his personal recipe box. ZipList then automatically add the ingredients listed to the user’s shopping list. True to its name, ZipList helps makes your grocery list in a zip.

How It Works

Ziplist has partnered with several food sites on the web. It is integrated to the food sites’ systems in a way that when you search for recipes in these sites, it will automatically reflect on your recipe box with ZipList.

ZipList syncs user’s list is made up-to-date as the app syncs online. The recipe box and grocery list will always be recent as long as you have connection to the internet. Users can also download the ZipList companion app from the Apple Appstore or the from the Google PlayStore. With the apps installed in their mobile device, the virtual list is always them.


ZipList has special list capabilities. User can create and update a multitude of shopping lists while on the go. It can be sorted, tagged by importance, and shared with others. Recipe lists can be sorted by source, ingredients or cook time. Then, add what is needed directly to the shopping list with a click. ZipList categorizes ingredients and notifies users what they may already have – common kitchen staples like salt, sugar, oil, etc.

Another useful feature this program is the “Intelligent Aisle Categorization”. This groups the grocery items into categories so that they can pick-up as much of the items in the list in one trip to a grocery aisle. ZipList also studies your list and sort it by store to get the actual store layout. Only those items tagged for that store will be displayed and it will be organized by aisle. One can also look for other stores if the nearest store doesn’t have what you need. Needless to say, this saves time and shows how smart this app can be.

Using the mobile app, touch the screen to cross off items as you add them to your cart. Sort your list by aisle or store to speed up your next grocery trip and reduce back-tracking through the store.

User can also create both personal and shared family grocery lists. This means that people that you put on your “family circle” can contribute or add items in the group list. This feature can also serve as a reminder to other family members on what to buy. Especially useful for senior family members who might forget a thing or two.

ZipList’s Recipe Search lets you search through thousands of recipes and save it to a universal recipe box. Also, with just a click, users can add recipe ingredients to their list. Recipe sharing options includes sharing through recipes via social media like Facebook and Twitter or through email.

Whenever one searches for recipes on food websites like Martha Stewart, Pepperidge Farm, Skinnytaste or other affiliated site, ZipList allows users to save these recipes from different website in a universal recipe box. To do this, look for the ZipList “Save Recipe” button to save new recipe to the recipe box or shopping list. It is also an option to use the Web Recipe Clipper to clip and save recipes wherever it may be online.

On the site, instead of searching for a specific recipe, one can also opt to try popular recipes on ZipList’s Daily Top Trending Recipes. These are recipes that are most discussed on social media.

The Meal Planner lets one add recipes and schedule them for specific days. This meal plan is also synched online and is accessible through mobile app. The apps also features like barcode scanning – scan the item you want to purchase and it will be added directly to your list.

Another feature of the program is the suggestion of “things you may need”. The intelligent system suggests items based on the most frequent items that users have added to their list in the past. Users can also get a list of recipe recommendations under “Recipes You May Like” based on those already saved in their recipe box.

ZipList not only organizes your lists to save time but it also let users save by sharing coupons for the items that is added to the list each week.

How to Get Started

To get start using ZipList, go to their website and enter your e-mail address and chosen password. After confirming the registration, you can now begin searching for recipes and using the tools that ZipList has to offer. To maximize its use, download the ZipList app on your mobile device to take your lists with you. This service is completely free of charge. There are no upgrades nor sign-ups for premium service to access all of the useful tools – they are all available without extra cost.

ZipList strive to improve their service through user’s input. On the website, you can contact the company through the “contact us” section located below the page.

ZipList has been featured by the media such as The Washington Post, Recipe Girl, Closet Cooking, and Buns in My Oven.