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Zenbe – Bundle of Business Applications

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Anyone who has studied success knows that one of the single most important things is to ìwork from a listî. And the reason for this being true is that the process of compiling your list clears your mind, causes you to focus on the priority of things that do need to be done, and often in this process you actually do get done many of the items quickly and efficiently rather than add them to the list. Before working from a list, people would complain they have had a very busy day, and yet still have many things left outstanding to do. People who work from a list on the other hand often have completed very item on the list before ten oíclock in the morning and are then free to progress their projects much further, or are free to manage to a higher level the work of others. And by getting our work done ahead of schedule is never a bad thing in the eyes of our line managers, who quickly promote us up through the ranks to ever higher levels of responsibility; also known as our success.

Integrated Calendar, Email and Zenbe Lists Make Life Easier

Zenbe Lists is a particularly powerful tool for those most successful people who work from lists; but it is much more than just that. Zenbe Lists is fully integrated with their calendar function, which in turn is integrated with their Zenbe mail application. Indeed Zenbe is about email as its core product functionality and is modeled on Gmail but only better. Actually Gmail would do well to emulate some of the functionality of Zenbe because it does some things that much better than Gmail does. For example, from the email application browser window, you not only have all your mail functions, but you also have your calendar and your Zenbe Lists application all in the one place. And so rather than opening multiple windows to get at what you need and then copying and pasting backwards and forwards if necessary, with Zenbe it is all on the one page accessible from the left hand menu dashboard. And it is an email application in many ways far superior to the likes of Gmail; which in itself is vastly superior to lame ducks of Hotmail and Yahoo Mail.

The Zenbe Email is Very Powerful and Feature Rich

That is, it has far superior ways of handling attachments and files. Most email applications are particularly lame in this regard; mostly because big business stifles innovation until it is almost extinct; whereas Zenbe is a relatively new company still filled with innovation bursting from the seams. With Zenbe, you can search and sort the email attachments globally by file type, and you can delete them from emails without deleting the entire email. And for its method of being able to be organized into folders with tags, your emails are managed by Zenbe in a far superior and easier to use way with its folders and tag system. A great weakness of the Gmail application is that it only has labels and it is cumbersome to the extent of being almost unworkable. Gmail has one useful way that it binds together all emails related to the one topic of discussion. Yet sometimes it can be difficult to unravel them to find the particular email you are looking for. With Zenbe, thatís no problems at all because you have the option to choose either conversation view or to list them individually.

Aggregate Your Social Networks and Twitter to One Interface

Also of very special value, is that after you have opened your account, you can integrate it with your FaceBook, Twitter, GChat and a whole host of social networking and chat applications; again so that you can stay on top of all your important and fun places to be from the one interface rather than have to open separate windows for each of them. In this sense, Zenbe is an aggregation web site with integrated email and the most useful business applications like Zenbe Lists. But in fact it gets better yet. Zenbe has been all around and specifically for use with smart phones and iPhones. From the get go, Zenbe has targeted the massively swelling apps market place which is now already in the hundreds of millions of Internet enabled devices and still growing rapidly.

Zenbe is particularly easy to use, and its interface very intuitive. People will have seen and used almost all of the individual applications previously; and the process of pulling your accounts for example for FaceBook and Twitter are wizard driven, and so you really cannot go wrong. After the set up is complete, there is nothing more to do except for of course using it. And because the Zenbe system has been built around smart phone apps, they are the perfect tool to use for long distance commuter travellers, as well as long distance business travel and between meetings for the busy person. And with the launch of Zenbeís Shareflow, it is the perfect inter office tool kit for busy people to distribute and share information across the office between team members. That is, with a project comprising multiple personnel, Zenbe empowers all the important files and information to be shared by those authorized to have access to it.

Of course all of this functionality is not free of charge. But the monthly fees are modest for the deep and diversity of the various modules of the software as a service business model of Zenbe. And as a modular software as a service, you are able to bolt on the extra services like Shareware or not bother with them at all. As such, the pricing starts at three dollars per month and goes up from there depending on what options you choose and as you would expect, you can modify your subscription plan to match your needs any time that you want.