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Find And Review Local Places With YellowBot

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When you need to find that great place in your locality where you can go hang out, you would need to first search for it and then see what others are saying about it; good or bad. Finding such websites that provide the breadth and width of places and reviews is may not be easy but with YellowBot, you can be assured that all the information that you are looking for will be available for you. YellowBot is basically a local search site that was built with the objective of helping people like you find and review places they visit in their community. This acts as a guide for you and other people to easily know which places in your locality rock and those that suck. Additionally, it makes it easy for you and other patron of businesses and the owners of those businesses to interact and share ideas as well as experiences.

YellowBot is different from many other search sites because its business philosophy is rooted in the need to connect people at a local level. True, people love to act global but the reality is that everyone lives locally. They visit the local drugstores, clinics, restaurants, cinemas and so on and the fact is, their lives revolve around their local activities. So, it makes sense that they would desire to know what is happening in their locality and this is where YellowBot features. The goal is to make living local very exciting by allowing people share experiences and really connect in a special way.

YellowBot reviews are not like the typical mechanical statements that you might read elsewhere which just basically praise or criticize. The website views its reviews more as stories told by the users. When you are having tea with family members and you tell them about a place you visited, you would tell it with feelings, whether happy or sad. That is the same way YellowBot encourages its users to write their reviews; as stories told over tea. As people provide different perspectives via an accumulation of stories about a place, a picture of that place is easily formed in the minds of the readers and it becomes very easy to simply picture the place after reading through. Therefore, YellowBot encourages user not to think of the reviews as mere, mechanical reports but as genuine accounts of their experience at a place for the benefit of other members of the community.

How To Sign Up To Use YellowBot

YellowBot has a very simple and easy to use sign up procedure requiring minimal information and swift activation.once you get to the website’s homepage at, look at the top right hand side of the page where you will see the ‘Sign Up’ link. Click on the link in order to be directed to the registration page where you will be presented with a simple form requiring just three details to be provided; Email address, Username and Password. After entering the required information, you need to indicate that you have read and accept YellowBot’s terms of service as well as your desire (or not) to receive newsletters occasionally from the website. All that remains thereafter is for you to enter the security number provided beneath the form then click the ‘Register’ button.

Costs of Using YellowBot

YellowBot is basically free for consumers to use. All that is required of you, as a consumer is to register in order to review and contribute. At the same time, business owners may wish to leverage YellowBot’s wide reach and popularity in order to engage people in their localities. For them, there is a special advertising package which gives them exciting advantages including higher visibility among their target audience, more accurate positioning as a result of being found by search engines,ability to communicate directly with their customers via the YellowBot, great Reputation Management System which gives businesses insight into what is being said about them online, power to modify content in line with market dynamics as well as the power to post a profile that really speaks to and connects with their target market.

How To Use YellowBot

YellowBot is designed and built to be very easy and straightforward to use by anyone. No hoops to jump, not difficult functionalities that could confuse anyone. Here are some of the fundamental functionalities that you will encounter on the website that make the user experience great:

  • Search: This function is critical to YellowBot as a service. In order to search for a place or thing, simply use the search bar. Typically, you will see two fields in the search bar; What and Where. For the former, enter the specific item, service or place for which you wish to search while for the latter, you enter a location the hit the ‘Search’ button. YellowBot automatically remembers the last place you searched so you can alwasy use the auto-complete function.
  • Ratings: You have visited a place, like a pizza joint and it rocked your palate. Surely you wish to have something by which you can easily signify how great their pizza is. Ratings serve that purpose. Ratings begin from a single start, being the lowest rating to five stars being the highest rating.
  • Reviews: Really, YellowBot is incomplete without reviews. Writing them ought to be fun and you should take your time in writing as you would tell a story to a friend. Tell the readers what the place is like on the inside, the ambiance, price(s), service quality and any other things that may or may not make this place or thing quite outstanding.
  • Tags: These are the small navigational signs that point the YellowBot backend engine and even other users in the right direction. For example, you wish to tag a super tasting pizza with cheese because it contains quite an amount of cheese or even pepperoni. This works in the sense that when someone searches for either of those two words, your pizza review shows up as part of the search results.