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Yahoo Real Estate

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When the Internet first became popular with the masses, way back in the dial up modem days and when Internet Explorer was still in version 1 and had yet to destroy Netscape Navigator; the most popular business model being developed by big business was the concept of the ìportalî web site. The idea here was that the one web site would be developed and fleshed out as being everything for every one such that no matter what you needed by way of information; it would always be found at your favorite portal web site, which of course you would have set as your home page. This mentality is as common in big business board rooms as it is arrogant of big business to presume what all people will want; but be that as it maybe, Yahoo is still in the portal business and at least from a financial success point of view; Yahoo have not failed to perform. Certainly the network performance of Yahoo is less than ordinary, and their corporate policies are in many ways not conducive to happy customers. But it cannot be ignored that millions of people do accept Yahoo for what it is.

Yahoo Real Estate has Been Around Since 1998

One aspect of Yahooís portal concept that started out way back in the early days is Yahoo Real Estate module. Launched in 1998, Yahoo Real Estate module now contains more than four million listings of properties for sale or rent and it does have a few useful components to its functionality. For example, you are able to search for homes that are in foreclosure and soon to be sold at auction; which by itself can have the advantage of better buying value because of the stressed nature of the sale. And stressed sales have been the name of the real estate game of the last few years in because of the Wall Street created Global Financial Crisis (GFC). And Yahoo Real Estate also has built in mortgage calculator functions whereby you enter the load size you are contemplating and the interest rate you believe you can be offered and it will calculate your monthly payments including an estimation of your taxes and essential insurances that must also be paid.

Use Your Yahoo Email Login to Access Yahoo Real Estate

Creating an account and logging into Yahoo Real Estate is particularly simple and millions of people will not need to create a new account. That is, anyone who already has a Yahoo email address then has everything they need to log in to Yahoo Real Estate and to get busy. Unlike many other applications accessible from the Yahoo Mail dashboard, Yahoo Real Estate is not a menu item you can select. Rather you have to access it from the Yahoo home page. As with the entire Yahoo portal, Yahoo Real Estate is one of several modules that are bolted together to give you the Yahoo Real Estate sub portal area. And this is why your yahoo email address is your log in ID; so as to keep all your information, activity and data stored in one tidy place for ìbig brotherî to be able to more easily keep tabs on you.

Find Yahoo Real Estate from the Yahoo home Page

And so from the Yahoo Real Estate dashboard, you can research the issues of how much you can afford to borrow, and how much money you can spend on a home. Given the issues of your total combined income versus your existing other expenses and liabilities, this area of the Yahoo Real Estate web site calculates what is reasonable. Being honest and realistic is of the essence about these matters; especially true given the nightmare created for the many millions of people who lost their homes after they were older sold on their capacity to borrow money leading up to the GFC. Owning a home is the American dream, but it is not about over extending one self and creating a thirty year great American nightmare of stress and hardship.

Yahoo Real Estate is Free to Use and a Great Research Tool

The Yahoo Real Estate web site is entirely free to use; and Yahoo makes its money from the advertisers who try to capture your eye with their special offers for finance and insurance products. And with the additional modules of Yahoo Real Estate which show people examples of how to remodel their homes and the potential traps to avoid, this opens the door to an even larger pool of advertising revenues to harvest for Yahoo Real Estateí Homes Project Center. For the many millions of families wiped out by Wall Street with their GFC, there is still nearly another one hundred million families that are sufficiently well off or protected from the morass as to be targets for the advertising dollar. That is, not every home owner is in a desperate state of affairs and investors for second and third homes continue to exist.

However, perhaps the most useful part of the Yahoo Real Estate web site is the ability to research prices in your area or the area you are considering moving to. With millions of sales recorded in their database over the years, this opens up your ability to check on trends in the market; and this is now becoming the real focus of those who can afford to buy property as they try to pick the exact bottom of the market. It really is most important that you narrow your focus down to the zip code of choice you are most interested in. And from there the imperative is to exhaust all lines of inquiry within all the researching you do so as to build up a complete picture of the market as it has been in that area and what that area is like now. Whilst it is still a buyerís market, the best deals will go to those people who have done the most research to fully arm themselves with true values before committing themselves at auction.