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Yahoo NotePad – Working From a List

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Successful people know one of the singularly most important techniques for being highly productive and which is of the essence to their success in life is maintaining a simple habit of working from a list. That is, when you work from a list, it causes your mind to be ordered and focused on what is of the most important urgency for you to do; or to make sure someone else has done. Most things get done then and there while you are composing your list or checking through it. And in compiling your list of things to do or that must be done, it often if not mostly involves making a note as soon as you have thought about it. This surprising little thing to make sure we do every day is truly the main difference between winners and losers; and it accounts for why high achievers get their very busy days done without stress and why the disorganized of us can feel very stressed when we have almost nothing to do with our every day lives. And yet; how many of us really do work from a list? How many of us make notes when we have those moments of inspiration or remember that something cannot be forgotten? The answer is that same answer for how many successful people there are.

Yahoo NotePad is all About Easy Access From Anywhere

Yahoo is typical of your big business mentality of low levels of innovation; yet because of its market power and cash resources it still has managed to pull together the collective works of other smaller innovative companies so as to end up with a whole bunch of online software services by acquiring these smaller enterprises. They even nearly bough FaceBook for one billion dollars back in the day, but their bid was turned down. Now whilst it is true that Yahooís account infrastructure is built around having a yahoo ID which in turn is based upon having a Yahoo email address; that is all you need to access some of these online software services like Yahoo NotePad. Yahoo NotePad is all about you being able to quickly make a note, save it online so that you can access it later from any internet connected computer or smart telephone device like your iPhone. That is, while you are logged into your email page, down the left hand menu you will see you already have ‘Yahoo NotePadî installed and ready to use.

Smart Phone Access to Your Yahoo Mail and Yahoo NotePad

By clicking on Yahoo NotePad, you will then be presented with a blank page from which you can click to ‘Add Noteî or even to ‘Add Folderî. From there you simply give your note a title, and select the folder to save it in if you have such a relevant folder and then you write the body of your note in the space provided. Once you are happy with it, just click save and the job is done, ready for you to access at any future time you wish. And of course you are free to edit or delete your notes at any future time. The thing to remember is that creating the notes is only a useful thing if you go back later and refer to your notes to action the contents of them. This may mean making a phone call to someone to set up a meeting with them; which of course because you are one of the highly organized and successful people who work from a list; you would immediately update your Yahoo Calendar with details about the meeting.

Perhaps Yahoo NotePad is the Most basic of All Softwares

Yahoo NotePad is perhaps one of the most simple online software as a service tools available on the internet. The menu is very basic and intuitive and you cannot go wrong with it. The bottom line is that if you can create a Yahoo email address, then you are ready to login to that and access your notes at any time. The weakness of the Yahoo NotePad service is its simplicity. That is it is not integrated with Yahoo Calendar as you would expect; they are stand alone applications both accessible from your email login page. But this is typical of the big corporation mentality of low innovation after they have reached the billion dollar public company level; where everything is driven by committees and decisions have stopped happening a long time ago. The logical thing to do, given the synergies between making notes and maintaining a calendar to stay organized would be to have drag and drop functionality between Yahoo NotePad and Calendar. But that is highly unlikely to happen.

Yahoo NotePad Should but Does not Integrate with yahoo calendar

Yahoo NotePad is a simple and basic, bordering on primitive place to records notes as and when you see fit. There certainly are vastly more functional Yahoo NotePad like applications around and most Calendar and ‘To Do Listî applications will have notepad functionality. Just the same, Yahoo NotePad will suit those people who already are accustomed to using Yahoo Mail because it is already part of that menu system. That is, if you do spend a large part of your time internet connected with your smart phone or iPhone and you are already a Yahoo Mail user; then and perhaps only then is Yahoo NotePad the best option for you to use.

The most important aspect is that you do use something to job down or record your thoughts as and when they occur to you. None of us lack the intelligence to live great lives. Most of us simply live with our the tools to be organized and effective with how we live. Small changes in how we talked every day to include working from a list, most probably based on all the notes we have been taking truly are what can empower you to be much more successful than you are so far. Such small habit changes can lead to power life changes.