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Yahoo Calendar – Basic Online Calendar System

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It seems that when we have big business that we have a definite collapse or lack in innovation. And is this is particularly true of the larger software based internet companies of Microsoft and Yahoo and to perhaps a lesser degree; Google. It is often like they all follow each other around trying to make sure that they are doing what the others are doing; and not much more than that. They all have a large email service presence, and none of them are particularly any good or even stable in their routine operation. They all have a big brother top down controlling approach on spam filtering; but all are weak and complex on how the user can filter repetitive spammers. They all have ruthless rules preventing the emailing of executable files; which penalizes all the legitimate users who have proper reasons for sending program files as email attachments. And they all have a calendar system that has barely changed or increased functionality at all in the last ten years.

Yahoo Calendar is free to use, as Long as You Can Login

Yahoo Calendar is free to use, and is a software as a service which means that all your scheduled meetings and events are hosted on Yahooís servers which is a great idea in principle because then you can access all your calendar functions from any web browser anywhere you have internet access, including from your smart phone or iPhone. And it is only proper that yahoo maintain that they will never include promotional and marketing materials in any of the calendar functions and nor will they ever use any of your content for marketing purposes; simply because this would most likely be against the privacy laws such as they exist in the United States. And so with your data kept safe and secure, you only need to hope that Yahoo Calendar is operating properly when you need to access it; and it has had its performance problems along the way.

Yahoo Calendar Uses the Same Login Details for Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo Email

To access your personal Yahoo Calendar is simple and easy enough to do; you simply need to register an account with Yahoo for free providing the usual sign up details including a back-up email address. This will give you your Yahoo email address, and a Yahoo Messenger login as well as your yahoo calendar login. Once you have your login, you can find Yahoo Calendar as a sub-domain of the main Yahoo domain name and login from there. And as you would expect, you see your own personal calendar ready for you to click on any day to make an entry for a scheduled meeting or appointment. By clicking on the day you wish to make an entry, a window pops up to enable you to select what time the meeting is for, and when you click on that time you have a text box to enter any information that is useful to you and it is saved automatically when you hit ìenterî. You can return to this item at any time to modify your notes as you see fit.

After you have closed the window, if you right mouse click the saved item and select ìeditî, you are then given a much more useful popup window to configure how you want this calendar item to be handled. For example you can have it set to email you a reminder and you can select what amount of warning you want by selecting the appropriate time period from the drop down list; ranging from five minutes to eleven days prior warning. You can select to have this reminder repeated every day, or every Monday to Friday, or a wide range of other choices from a different drop down list. And you can select any or all of your email list of contacts to be invited to the meeting or event and they will be emailed accordingly. There are other fields to nominate the location of the meeting or event, and a drop down list of icons to show what the purpose of the event is as well as a free text field for you to add any notes you may feel are pertinent to your meeting agenda. And finally, you can set the time range for when the meeting both begins and ends so as to block out that part of your day from any other bookings.

Yahoo Calendar is Quite Primitive and only has Basic Functionality

At a cursory level, the Yahoo Calendar seems to be functional; yet it does require a lot of redundant key strokes to get the job done. Having to edit each new item rather than have all of these options presented to you in the first instance is somewhat a brainless waste of your time. But more of a concern is that Yahooís servers are not known for their robust reliability, just as Hotmail and Gmail always have their reliability problems too. And so while the calendar functions can be great productivity tools, reliability is the Achilles heel. That and that the functionality of Yahoo Calendar has not improved for many years and is seemingly never going to improve because big companies and innovation are like oil and water. It seems quite ridiculous in this day and age that files cannot be uploaded and attached to an Yahoo Calendar item. And that there is no way to set a formal agenda to be sent out to all people invited to the meeting. That there are no tools for important the contact lists of other applications like FaceBook, Outlook, Hotmail and Gmail just to name a few obvious choices. It also seems a nonsense that normal and well known public holidays are not automatically shown on everyoneís calendar, let alone any tools to show what International public holidays could impact on the availability of other invitees expected to collaborate and be available. In the final analysis, Yahoo Calendar is an adequate bare basics calendar system with rudimentary functions that can suit basic users needs.