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WishListr – Make a List of Your Wishes

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Even before the Internet, anyone who wanted to get a lot done in their life and with their day knew that they needed to work from a list simply because working from a list always focused the mind on being super organized and the fact is that working on the list often caused most of the things to be done then and there with a completed tick as the list was being formulated. And there are many types of lists possible; perhaps the most vain being a list of all those things that we want in the sense of those physical items of property that we wish to accumulate for our own direct ownership and enjoyment. Whatever the list, comprising the list and having the list somehow has the magical power of always getting us closer to accomplishing what is on the list. Lists do work and that is why all successful people work with them. That is why all project management and scheduling software include lists. That is why all meetings have a list agenda of why people are meeting in the first instance. Now with the Internet, we have all manner of online list type web sites and quite a novel one is the very playful WishListr software as a service web site.

WishListr is a Simple to Use Gift List Building Site

At first glance, WishListr is a vanity web site where people can build up the list of all the desirable knick knacks that they wish to accumulate and clutter their lives with. It even has the ability to add people to your emailing list who will get emailed a copy of your list; presumably for them to feel guilty about it when they do not rush out immediately and buy you at least one of the items you have listed. In fact many wedding planners have taken the step towards organizing wedding gift purchases with such a tool as WishListr so that the happily married couple does not end up with five new toasters when they already have a perfectly good one. That is, as part of the wedding planning process for the wedding, the couple can formulate a list of what would be appreciated as a gift and by implication what is not wanted because it is not on the list. By sharing this list with all the people coming to the wedding and the reception later, there is no confusion amongst the guests. If the item is still on the list then the couple has indicated that they will be delighted if someone graced their wedding with that item as a gift. While many people find the whole list and list sharing process as extremely presumptive and bordering on shameful, other people feel less stress from not having to worry too much about what to buy someone because the options and choices have been so clearly laid out.

Keep Your Wish List Private or Email it to Friends

But the list building process can be an entirely personal and private affair not shared with others. By working on your own list, in fact it need not be things capable of being purchased at all. In this sense, it can be almost like a personal goal setting tool more than a vanity gift listing tool. But however you choose to use the WishListr service; it is a simple matter to open your free account and to add items to your list. You are able to add an image to your profile and you can modify your list at any later time. There are eighteen template styles you can choose from with the four main themes of girls, boys, birthday and Christmas all represented. None of these templates are particularly visually attracted; all being very basic and particularly simplistic. When you see a template that you wish to use, just click it and the web site will set that template as the one used thereafter. Then it is a simple matter of adding the items to the WishListr.

WishListr is Ideal for Baby Showers and First Birthday Parties

It seems clear that the most likely intended target for the WishListr list building web site would be for ìbaby showersî; where a group of women friends gather to celebrate the coming birth of the expectant mother and where a small gift is normally brought along as a token of affection for the soon to be mother. Another popular use for the WishListr will be for the birthday parties of the youngest family members where again a small gift is normally brought along as a gesture in good will and best wishes for the hostís baby on the first or second birthday. There is a ìgift ideasî link on the top menu which will display a list of potential gift items with their prices. Perhaps the original developers of WishListr had planned to become an affiliate sales web site for all of these gift ideas and gift list items. But in fact the WishListr web site has nothing of a ìwow factorî to compel anyone to buy from the lists of items. That is, even if ìbookcase for iPadî is on the personís WishListr and someone wanted to click the ìbuy it nowî button, it is difficult to see why anyone would bother or even trust the WishListr site as a source for their shopping needs to be met.

I Wish WishListr Had Some WOW Factor

Yes the WishListr is clearly an affiliate of Amazon, but WishListr is not a compelling web site at any level in that it does nothing to compare products or pricing. Yes there is the remote chance that WishListr might result in the very occasional impulse buy from most likely the composers of the list who may during building the list decide not to wait any longer. All in all, the WishListr lacks anything exciting or compelling. At the very best, it might help young or expectant mothers with planning their baby showers or first birthday for the newly arrived baby.