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WhoSampled – Authorised Database of Sampled Music

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The Internet has created such a revolution to the record companies and singers, song writers and musicians with the record labels all pleading poverty prom the piracy of the recording artists creative genius. That is, since the advent of the many software applications like torrents and peer 2 peer software sharing; where people can share part of their hard drive with potentially millions of other people and then they can upload their favorite music or videos to that shared part of their computer drive for others to search and access; record companies have complained about the loss of billions of dollars in revenues. And because all the largest record companies could not agree to put aside their greed and agree on a system of protecting their clients work from piracy, the internet exploded into a free for all of shared music costing only the originally purchaser the cost of a CD; thereafter it being shared by millions for free. The draconian measures taken by the recording companies of suing into bankruptcy the creators of the per 2 peer software was always a floored strategy; such software was always of an open platform where the source code be used by countless other software developers to replicate the functionality. Peer 2 peer is always here to stay, and torrent tracker web sites will always provide for the free distribution of music, videos and pirated software. There will always be a segment of the market that cannot or will not ever pay for the creative works of others.

Who Sampled Includes Remixed, Covered and Original Music

Who Sampled is an interest take on all of this dilemma. It is a web site which is a database of information about music that is or has been sampled. It does not try to sue in the courts to oblivion someone who has borrowed another personís song; rather it provides the database to give credit for when songs have been samp0led and by who. Users can register and submit information about songs that have been borrowed, remixed or done as cover songs by an entirely different band of musicians. And visitors to the site can see who that artist has sampled and how that artist has also had their own music sampled. Indeed the original music track can be tracked side by side with the remixed or cover version and the site is all about embedding links to the third party other sites like YouTube or Daily Motion where the original or the remix or cover can be found. Voted in 2010 by PC Magazine as one of the top 100 web sites of 1010, in june of 1012 the Who Sampled site launched its iPhone, iPad and iTouch version available through the iTunes App store.

All Listed Items Are Approved in Who Sampled

The whole idea of Who Sampled is to empower people to research and track the ‘DNAî of music and its influences and the influences on it as songs develop their own life and characteristics. Rather than fighting the copyright issues in courts, Who Sampled took the approach of providing the platform where people can share the information about the remixes and cover songs done of original works of musical art. It is all about a community of people who discuss the issues relating to the development of each song in the database. It is about sharing the knowledge of music as it develops. And with more than one hundred and fifty thousand songs from nearly sixty thousand artists it is clearly a place for up and coming new talent to engage in discussion with people; those people who have such an appreciation of the artistís work that they do make comment and give feedback.

iPhone Compatible, Who Sampled is Links Fans and Artists

Opening an account is a quick and simple matter to undertake. Only the usual email address, password and user name need be supplied. The benefits of registering are that then you can join in and make comment on the discussion about the different artists and you can submit sampled music for approval for publication along side with the remix or cover versions that you wish to have the links published with. To be clear about that, the Who Sampled web site is not about sharing or distributing the pirated work of others. It is rather all about the consent given by artists to have their creative works included for publication and for the to be discussion about it. To put this into context, there have only been six thousand members have their submissions successfully approved; compared to the sixty thousand artists who have submitted and authorized their own work for inclusion in the database. And if you check out Who Sampled on FaceBook, then you will see that the tone and look and feel is all about helping the artists to promote themselves by helping them to build the community of discussion about their music.

Who Sampled is a Platform for Artists to Network

While not all people are die hard committed to new and upcoming producers of new music, there certainly are no shortage of people who live at the cutting edge of new music and love nothing better than to interact directly with the musicians and song writers. By providing the platform for these trend setters to get up close and personal with budding musicians there becomes a symbiosis of new musicians being supported by early adopting fans who spread the word of mouth in favor of the new songs or perhaps even new styles of music. And it is not only the fans and musicians that are brought together; there is also a tremendous cross pollination of ideas and comradeship developed between the musicians. And perhaps while its official mission is not stated to be as such; in fact Who Sampled is mostly a platform for singers song writers and musicians to network and get to know each other; be influenced by each other and to perhaps even collaborate on new projects together.