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Using to Find People and Businesses

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With highly advanced features, aims to help people find and be found. It is basically a provider of contact information in North America where you could search for people and businesses just by simply providing their names, and city, state, or ZIP. If you don’t want your information to be accessed via WhitePages, you could choose to edit, delete or totally hide the said data (e.g. phone number, address, and associated people) by merely creating an account. is actually considered to be the leading contact information provider with a top 40 web property, 10 top ranking mobile apps, and over 50 million monthly users.

How do I sign up for

Though you don’t necessarily need an account to access WhitePages’ people directory or to search for a specific business or someone, there are some things that you could only do if you have one. Signing up for an account is totally free, so what would you have to lose by creating one?

The registration process is also pretty simple. The first thing that you will have to do is to open the WhitePages website in your internet browser. Its website address is If you are unable to access it using the link, simply copy and paste the link into your browser’s URL bar or just type it, and press Enter. Once you’ve opened their website, you’ll immediately see a “Log In” option in the uppermost, right corner of the page. Once you click that link, the page will refresh into a “Login or Create an Account”.

If you have a Facebook account, you could choose to sign in with it to instantly verify your account. Just simply click the “Connect with Facebook” link. If you haven’t logged in to your Facebook account with the device you’re using, a window where you would have to fill your Facebook’s email address and password will come into view, then just click “Log In” to continue. Another window will then emerge stating the information that WhitePages will be accessing in your Facebook account. If you don’t mind sharing those infos, then just click “Okay”. You would then be automatically redirected to WhitePages’ homepage and you could start searching for people and businesses.

On the other hand, if you are not interested in using your Facebook account, then just click the “Not interested in using Facebook?” link found on the same “Login or Create an Account” page. Once you click it, a “Log into your WhitePages account…” page will come into view. You would then need to click the “Create an account” link found at the bottom of the page. After you do so, a “Create a WhitePages account…” page will emerge and you would need to fill in your first and last name, your valid and current email address, and a password. Then just click “Create Account” to continue. You would then be redirected to your WhitePages profile account and you could start exploring.

Note that it is important to provide your valid and current email address because you would need to access a confirmation email from regarding your registration and your account. This is important because there are features in WhitePages that you won’t be able to access if you can’t confirm your registration through that mail. An example is claiming your information. This is WhitePages’ way of getting rid of spam accounts and protecting you and your data.

Costs involved

Searching for people and businesses on is not just easy but it is also free. You get to experience the following with WhitePages free of charge:

  • Search the people from specific places in North America
  • Search for specific businesses
  • Browse through WhitePages’ People Directory
  • Access contact information of people and businesses
  • Access more records (e.g. criminal records) about a person or business
  • Claim and edit your information
  • Choose what information to publicized and what to keep private
  • Read reviews about businesses
  • Find out who just called or texted you with “Reverse Phone”
  • Find out who lives in a specific address
  • Look up for ZIP codes or look up which state a ZIP code belongs

However if you want to access more phone numbers, addresses and names, you would need to upgrade to WhitePages Pro and this would cost a rather reasonable price. You could choose between their Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans that offers varied numbers of searches and users. Once you upgrade, you would be able to get the following:

  • No advertisements thus faster searches
  • The best mobile info
  • Full cell phone results
  • Cell phone owner’s address
  • 30-year address history
  • Age range
  • Address type
  • Vacancy info
  • Phone carrier
  • Hard-to-find listings
  • Associated people
  • Nearby residences
  • Phone type

Some of the uses for WhitePages Pro are the following:

  • Find and fix customer contact information
  • Address verification for delivery services
  • Identify, validate, score, and enrich leads
  • Caller ID for call centers

Whitepages’ mobile applications are also downloadable for free and it could work with an iPhone or Android device. With the use of their numerous dataset, WhitePages had invented their mobile apps to do the following for you with just a swipe of your finger:

  • Find people and places
  • Manage your communication
  • Block spam
  • Identify incoming calls and texts serves somewhat like an online directory of contacts and information in which you could easily search for information without thumbing through the thick pages of a real one. With just a few keystrokes, you can find all the information you may need regarding a person or a business. But like any other innovations, WhitePages is only as good as how you use it. If you use the information you gather from in ways that doesn’t really meet the goals and objectives of the site, just know that it is other people’s information that we are talking about here. Privacy is such a critical thing for everyone nowadays considering how advanced and advancing technology is. So if ever you find people you know and their information in, you could at least inform them so they could decide whether to keep it public or hide it. As mentioned, Whitepages is only as good as you use it and if you use it properly you would surely have a multipurpose “directory” online and on your phone.