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Optimize Your Customer Engagement Using WebEngage

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There is a lot of buzz concerning customer engagement but most of it relates to in-store activities. Of course, with the mass migration of businesses onto the internet, some enterprises and businesses are already doing a generous percentage of their business via their online channels. By pushing a significant percentage of their operations online, businesses are entering a terrain that is far more dynamic than its brick and mortar equivalent. Customer now have a lot of choice and are quite happy to exercise that prerogative. The huge challenge before online businesses now, is how to keep customers engaged and how to understand their pain-points as well as other levers that might be useful in designing/executing a strategy that will ensure that business goals are met. In order to surmount this challenge, a significant amount of insight about the customers is required and to achieve this, it is necessary to conduct surveys, get responses and analyze feedback for data. While some customers may be eager to provide feedback, many simply are not. Surveys are sometimes viewed as irritating and long-winding thus a waste of precious time. Again, this poses a challenge that must be dealt with in order to get the responses required.

As a leading platform in the field of on-site customer engagement, WebEngage has acquired a reputation for being able to deliver outstanding results for its users over and over again. In order to solve the persistent problem of getting positive attention from a business’ customer, WebEngage uses highly targeted surveys instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. The goal is to help the business drive sales and conversion on its website and to achieve this goal, WebEngage uses targeted offers, discounts and messages. The platform also allows businesses to place a feedback tab on their website very easily and use that to guide customer support. Parameters for designing its targeted surveys include source of traffic, geographic origin among others are used to determine which customer gets which survey. This targeting has produced fantastic results for the platform. WebEngage also allows users to send notifications and also address customers by name using tokens. The platform enjoys the patronage of numerous online businesses, most of them among the top-rated ones. These include, SeoMoz,, Avaya, Intuit,, Getit and among many others. Integration is quite easy on the WebEngage platform as its integrates with the leading eCommerce platforms including Shopify, Magento, BIG Commerce, Joomla and Presta Shop among others.

Using WebEngage

There are three distinct components of WebEngage which work together to produce the amazing results. These components are WebEngage Survey, Feedback and Notifications. If you wish to leverage the WebEngage platform to maximize your online business, you would need to add it to your website. To do so, you are required to sign up and choose a subscription plan then state your site details and get an integration code after which you may add the code to your site and start using the platform on-site.

In order to use WebEngage surveys, start by creating a survey using any of the available templates or simply build one by yourself using the drag & drop form builder. Collect responses provided by targeted visitors to your website or you can embed the link in an email or tweet. The responses will be analyzed and you can view the data in realtime as well as download the report generated in MS Excel format.

To use WebEngage Feedback, you may design your own feedback form using the platform editor and customize accordingly then add support agents. The feedback is sent directly to your inbox as well as WebEngage inbox with rich data including city, page screenshot, URl etc. You can send replies via your email or by using the dashboard

To use WebEngage Notifications, create your own notifications using the platform’s editor and also customize to suit your brand or purpose. Leverage the platform’s targeting to drive customers towards the conversion goal using tactics such as discount offers. Monitor statistics such as Click-Through-Rate (CTR) using the platform’s statistics including country, browser, city etc.

Signing Up to Use WebEngage

Signing up to use WebEngage is a very easy process as the platform has simplified it to just a few seconds. First, navigate to the homepage at and when you get there, click the ‘Sign Up’ button located on the top-right side of the page. This will open the sign-up page which has a form which has only four fields requiring the following information:

  • Your Name (It has to have a minimum of 4 characters)
  • Your Email Address
  • Password
  • Preferred Plan (It is flexible so upgrading and downgrading is possible)

After filling in the required details, you can complete the process by clicking the ‘Sign Up’ button located beneath the form.

Costs of Using WebEngage

WebEngage offers a FREE plan and four paid subscription plans. They include the following:

  • Free: This is free of charge and 1 administrator is permitted. 1 active survey is allowed and a limit of 50 responses per month. The response collection is done using the WebEngage widget installed on your website and you may use survey statistics. There is a limit of 30 feedback per month while custom categories, tab styling, auto screenshot and feedback statistics are all enabled. You can provide replied via web and email. 1 active notification is allowed and a limit of 50 clickthroughs per month. There is a limit of 5,000 notification view while you enjoy notification statistics.
  • Basic: This costs $29/month. It allows for 1,000 survey responses, 300 feedback responses, 1,000 notification clickthroughs and 100,000 notification views. It also provides SSL support, customizable forms, multiple-question surveys, basic layouts and javascript API.
  • Standard: This costs $99/month. It allows for 3,000 survey responses, 1,000 feedback responses, 5,000 notification clickthroughs and 500,000 notification views. While incorporating all features in the Basic Plan, it also provides smart feedback routing, themes and layout options, enhanced targeting options as well as customizable messages.
  • Premium: This costs $249/month. It allows for 7,500 survey responses, 3,000 feedback responses, 25,000 notification clickthroughs and 1,500,000 notification views. While incorporating all features in the Standard Plan, it also provides capabilities to customize email templates, visitor sampling, advance targeting options, Leave intent targeting, Google Analytics integration, webhooks.
  • Enterprise: This plan is negotiated directly with the platform. It allows for 40,000 survey responses, 10,000 feedback responses, 200,000 notification clickthroughs and
    10,000,000 notification views. While incorporating all features in the Premium Plan, it also provides white labeling options, search keyword targeting, custom targeting rules, REST API support, invoice billing and agreements, on-boarding assistance, dedicated account manager.