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Web 2.0 scientific calculator

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With the invention of the transistor in the twentieth century, we got massive sized computers and also calculators. Subsequent to this, with the invention of the transistor, we got smaller computers and calculators of a more manageable size. And since the early 1970s with the invention of the micro processor, we have all had access to the hand held portable calculators that cost only a few dollars that can do all many of multiplication, division, addition and subtraction type mathematical problems and also probably the square root of numbers too. Because these hand held calculators were so small and compact, of necessity their display size was severely limited to usually only eight characters in width meaning that one hundred million was too large a number to fit the display. And if a person wanted specialist functions for resolving geometric maths problems, or perhaps scientific equations, complex numbers, differentiation, complex functions, graphs, matrices, linear algebra, number theory, statistical functions, trigonometry, variables, vectors or unit conversations; all of this higher level of functionality needed a much more sophisticated calculator often at the cost of several hundred dollars. And for this very high level of cash outlay; sure you could probably expect to get perhaps ten or even twelve digits of display size. Many a university course needed these higher level calculators as essential equipment to complete the work required, and with thousands of students there could easily be several million dollars of fancy calculators on campus during any semester.

Software as a Service Comes into its Own with Web2 0calc

With the Internet now, such high level complexity in calculators can be found as a ìsoftware as a serviceî type web site; almost all flavors of which as completely free and make their money from carrying advertising supporterís messages discreetly on the side bar. Whereas the high level specialist calculators came in many different versions depending on what genre of mathematics you wished to focus on, web sites like Web2 0calc provide free access to all of those high level functions from the one web site interface. Of course to a lay person, such a complex menu system on the calculator would never come easy to us, but in fact that does not matter at all; all the usual types of calculations we lay people could ever need to do still have our familiar buttons on them and we can get done our low level calculations without any drama. As for the high level users, almost certainly they will not need to spend extensive time in the help menu reading about how to use the Web2 0calc web site; they will already be familiar with all the controls and know how to use them. And in this sense, all high level calculators operate the same way for whatever function they are capable of doing. The great thing about Web2 0calc is that it is capable of doing more than almost every other online web site calculator there is. Even the highly acclaimed Google Calculator cannot do any of the graphs that Web2 0calc can do even in its limited and basic form.

Web2 0calc is Free to Use; No Account Necesary

There is no need to create an account to use Web2 0calc and users can begin using all the functions from the home page. While you are still at the Web2 0calc web site, with cookies turned on, the calculator will remember the history of your calculations so that you can roll back to an earlier result to then work your way forward or use that result for further calculation. Only about half the well known and established online web site calculators have this history collection function available. On the down side, Web2 0calc is not able to handle scientific notations, which is surprising considering most quality online calculators are able to. And nor can it handle units of measure such as metres or miles which admitted only about half of competing online versions can handle. Back over the positive side of the ledger, Web2 0calc has seemingly no limit on handling very large numbers, with myself getting bored after testing it with one hundred digits of used display. And because such massive numbers are very hard to read without the use of commas every three digits to mark of thousands, millions, billions trillions and so on, above the display Web2 0calc repeats the number with a space where a comma would normally go; and that truly does make a huge difference on the eyes and mind trying to read or comprehend massive numbers.

Very Easy to Use and Powerful Menu System makes Web2 0calc Special

The menu system used is particularly useful, and is broken down into the many types of mathematics you may wish to work with, as well as a very easy to read instruction on how to work with all the formulae in each branch of maths. That is, not only does it give you the mathematical formula in case you cannot remember it, it also gives the keyboard translation so that you know how to operate the Web2 0calc software with that chosen formula. For example, if you have forgotten how to derive the area or circumference of a circle, under the Formulary menu simply select ìcircleî, then you will be presented with all the different formula that work with circles, and you will also see the Web2 0calc calculator instructions to effect that for formula. You really cannot go wrong with it and there are a great many formula more than I ever knew existed in mathematics; things like the area of a hexagon for example. And perhaps you just want to use Web2 0calc so as to work out the numbers for your car loan or house mortgage. Not knowing any of the financial formula simply does not matter. The help files have all of that easily explained; all you need to do is follow the step by step and enter what values you do know to learn what you want to know.