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Shopping does indeed get tiresome at some point, upon buying, one can fathom that the things one has bought is not an effective product or may not be the one in trend. Wanelo is the go-to online shop if one experiences these problems. Why? Because first and foremost, it does not require going to the mall. Shopping is made easy with just a simple click of the button, and anythingcan be purchased and delivered at the doorstep within days. Second, because one can know what people are buying. A friend’s choice can easily be seen, so no need for asking, “Which lotion do you use?” With Wanelo, all effective, popular, and in style products are seen.

The website Wanelo is a store that helps millions of users to find products. With the web, Wanelo changes the online shopping experience of people purchasing through the use of the Internet. The word Wanelo is from the words, want, need, and love. It is also pronounced as wah-nee-loh. Users of this website total over a million. People find and buy products they love. Users post all products featured in Wanelo, and any user can purchase any product they see on the site. Truly, Wanelo changes the way people shop online.

It was in the year of 2010 that Deena Varshavskaya started Wanelo. Miss Varshavskaya was not satisfied with just going to the mall and buying different things. She thought that going to malls are lame and old-fashioned. In fact, she wanted to know the products that her friends buy and patronize. In addition, Deena also wanted what shops or stores that her friends would frequently visit or go to. All of these things led her to the creation of the website that would become a social platform where people can interact when shopping. Its success was not seen in its first two years, but with the effort of Deena Varshavskaya, things changed. At present, she is now in San Francisco with a team making Wanelo what it is today.

What are the necessary steps needed to make an account on Wanelo?

Before anything else, the person who wants to make an account should have a device that is capable of using the internet (Wi Fi ready or whatever is most convenient). Once that is met, s/he should open a web browser. The URL should have this: When the home page has loaded all of its content, the person who is interested in making an account should tap the sky blue “Join” button. The entitled“Let’s do this.” form will be emphasized on the page. The person can start finding, buying, and enjoying items by simply clicking the button with the well-known social networking site’s logo (Facebook). If the user-to-be does not want Wanelo to gain access to his or her FB account, s/he can opt to another way: By giving an e-mail address, typing a password, and last but not least, providing a username. Note that if the password is too short, the people cannot proceed to the next step. The identification of the person can make use of numbers, letters, and even underscores (_). When every field has been filled out, “START SHOPPING” can be clicked. After the welcoming note of Wanelo, the user must identify whether s/he is male or female. The next two windows, personalizing the feed, would be a list of retailers and users that could be followed, similar to that of Twitter and Instagram. Another form would be asking the person for his or her phone number.

What are the advantages of using the website?

Wanted, needed, and as well as loved products can immediately be acquired through the use of The website has gained the trust and hearts of a lot of its account holders or users because it is incredibly easy to use and since there are a lot of features included. Unlike the regular and physical shopping inside malls, the consumer is not restricted by store hours and also not pressured by those sales people who keep tailing their every move. Hence, compulsive buying is avoided. There are wider choices in online shops for the reason that there are organized lists, categories, and sometimes, subcategories to select from; something that shopping centers are yet to master. Buyers will also have a chance to reflect on the items s/he will be purchasing by comparing the prices of other merchants listed on the website. New and trendy products can be sorted or filtered out, letting consumers be aware of the latest things that they ought to be aware of.

Fraud websites offering false products are rampant in the World Wide Web. Scams are also present tricking users and getting their money offering bogus products and worse, not giving any product at all. These things instigate fear among online consumers making them hesitant to shop online. But with Wanelo, these things should not even cross the mind of a user. With the popularity of Wanelo, and the millions of users continuously patronizing this online social platform, one can be sure of getting the product chosen and getting a good deal for the money’s worth. The expansion of does only prove of the good service offered by the site along with its credibility to give quality products.

Wanelo offers a broad range of products, from gadgets, to clothes, and unique finds. Its wide market is worldwide making any one able to purchase products from the other side of the continent. Stores in malls offers limited selection of products making people settle to things. But using Wanelo to shop, any user can see a variety of products, even unique ones that are hard to find in establishments. Good products, trendy items, and rare finds are what offers.

There are indeed a lot of online stores in the Internet that offers the same kind of service of Wanelo. But not one website gives people a chance to interact and be a part of an online community where people can talk about various products and its worth. Wanelo offers a unique shopping experience, and its simple modern design gives any user to purchase good quality products.