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Discover Vimeo and Get Discovered

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Are you fond of watching films? Or are you fond of creating your own videos? Whether you answered yes to the first or the second question or both, Vimeo is the site for you.

What is Vimeo?

Vimeo is a site where you can upload your own videos and watch other people’s videos. Once you have uploaded your video you can share it with your family and friends or to the whole world. You also have access to a wide variety of videos that you can also share with others.

How to Register and Use Vimeo?

Step One: Navigate to The page displays an option to join using Facebook which is a faster way to join, no need to enter information, just click on Join with the Facebook link. There’s another option to join by providing Name, Email Address and Password then click the Join button.

Step Two: Upon clicking Join button, you will be directed to a page where you can see a comparison of the different packages they offer: Basic, Plus, and PRO. Basic has limited storage and available through desktop only and connected TV compatibility while Plus and PRO packages have more storage, mobile-ready and other features. PRO is for business as users have the option to sell their videos. You may choose Basic for now since you can upgrade easily anytime.

Step Three: After choosing Basic, your home page will be displayed. You can try uploading a video by clicking the Upload a video button. But before you can upload a video, you have to verify your email address first. If you haven’t received any email yet, just click on the Resend button or check your Spam folder, it might be sent there.

Once you have confirmed your registration, you can go back to upload a video. Click Choose files to upload or drag and drop your videos to the screen. You can upload one video at a time or upload multiple videos simultaneously. You can also upload videos from your Dropbox account.

You’ll see a progress window that shows the percentage of your upload. While waiting for the upload to finish you can choose additional files to upload or fill out the following information: Title, Description, Privacy, Tags, Language and Content Rating.

Privacy settings available for Basic are as follows: Anyone can see the video which is the default, Only you can see the video, Only people you follow can see the video, Only people with a password can see the video and Only people you chose can see the video. For you to be able to hide the video, you have to upgrade to Plus or PRO.

You can add a tag to easily categorize and search for your video. You can select the language used for the video and the content rating whether it is applicable for all audiences or for mature audiences only.

Click Save button to save information provided.

Step Four: Once the upload is complete, you’ll be notified and you can click on the Go to video button. You will be directed to a page that says waiting in line and provides you an estimate as to when your video will start converting. You don’t have to wait and stare at your screen as you can leave the page and you’ll be notified through email once done. Note that if you are subscribed to their Plus or PRO package, you don’t have to wait, the video is automatically available. You may also go to Settings while waiting to update different things like in Basic Info tab, you can categorize and add credits to your video here.

Under Privacy settings, you can set if the video can be embedded anywhere or not. You can also select if anyone, no one or only people you follow can comment on the video. You can also mark if you would allow people to download the video and add it to their collections.

Under Advanced settings, you can add captions & subtitles and photos to your video. You can also create a custom URL here.

Make sure to save all settings done.

Step Five: Once your video is ready, you’ll be notified and you can start watching it online and sharing it.

Step Six: Watch other people’s videos. You can start with the Staff Picks. Just click on the Watch menu and choose Staff Picks. These are videos carefully selected by the Vimeo team. You can also look at the different categories and choose the ones that interest you. There are also different channels to watch and follow. Aside from watching other people’s videos, you may like, share and add comments. There’s also a good reminder to be cool and nice when entering comments.

Tips and Tricks

Tip #1: Use Social Media

Aside from using Facebook to join Vimeo, you can also share your own videos or other people’s videos on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest and Reddit in just one click, just look for the share icon on the upper right-hand corner of the video. Using Social Media is the fastest way to share your videos to the world.

Tip #2: Video School

If you are just starting to create videos and want to learn more, visit the Video School. Vimeo Video School has lessons, tutorial and helpful insights from experts. It has tips and tricks on editing, lighting, shooting, sounds, and more. You’ll never know if this hobby might turn into a business where you can eventually sell your videos. You can access Video School from the Create Menu or scroll down the page and you’ll see Video School under Help.

Tip #3: Enhancers

If you want to enhance your videos by adding music, you can do so with the Enhancer. Just go to or go to Create menu, choose Music Store and click Start Enhancing. You can select from a wide selection of free music, you can search by genre, mood, tempo, instrumentation and sound effects.

Tip #4: Help Center

Vimeo’s Help Center is indeed helpful, you can get help in many ways: type your question on the search box, click on the available categories, browse FAQ, email the Vimeo team, visit forums and report a violation. Just scroll down the page and you’ll see Help Center.

Vimeo is such a great site where you can learn new things and showcase your talents. I encourage you to visit Vimeo and discover a lot of things in store for you, who knows you’ll also get discovered through Vimeo.