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Vidler – Video Streaming

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Video is the Heavy Hitter of Internet Functionality and What People Love

One of the most powerful parts of the Internet today is the use of video; which has only been made truly possible because of broadband Internet access technologies ñ video is a bandwidth pig after all. YouTube cannot find its way to profitability and Google is still not sure what it will do with its acquisition of it; but certainly YouTubeís tremendous popularity accounts for a huge percentage of the internet traffic people use. And there have been many other ìtubeî sites follow suit too; always one leader and many followers in every market segment. And yet the use of video extends far beyond the mere entertainment value of tube web sites. It has serious business applications for video conferencing to save on time and travel costs and to avoid travel risks. And it has online training uses where high quality production values do count. The corporate world is always fussy about the performance of its suppliers and the quality of what they are purchasing; and so to service the business and corporate market cannot be achieved creditably by the likes of YouTube and all of its network congestion problems and the severe limits it has on file sizes and video length times.

Cloud computing is an essential part of the back end server infrastructure essential to making a video delivery platform work. That is, there is a huge amount of know how involved in serving video in high volumes every day; and it would be a nonsense to not outsource the storage and connectivity to experts so as to free up the specialists expert in video storage, encoding, redundancy and delivery to any device and internet connection speed.

Viddler is the Hevay Hitter of the Video Market Segment

For the corporate market, Viddler is an ideal choice simply because it has committed to massive and highly redundant server and file storage infrastructure so as to never suffer the loss of video files and to never suffer any kind of video download congestion even during the busiest times. While the Viddler service does have a free trial offer, make no mistake; they fully intend to charge you for their video downloading services which are indeed high quality from beginning to end. Whereas everyone would shake their head in disbelief about YouTubeís quality of customer service (ìWhat? YouTube actually have customer service? Amazing!î) Viddler know they have had to excel because they have positioned themselves to service the most demanding corporate clients. And so it is not surprising that Viddler have gone the extra mile with their service offering. Beginning with the file up loading options, Viddler enables multiple file up loads simultaneously; and if there is ever any interruption to the connection, no problems – the up load simple starts again from where it had gotten too; no need to start the whole thing again. Relying on FTP (File Transfer Protocol) for their up loader tools, only five per cent of the up loading internet traffic is used as overhead to mage the whole process; whereas HTTP uses closer to twenty per cent in overhead traffic.

Technologically Superior; Vidler is for the Corporate Quality End of the Market

Viddler has a deep and committed experience and technical savvy with the encoding processes necessary to working with video files and the audio they contain. This is especially impressive when you look at the many choices for the production play back quality that is desired and the many file types used out in the wild by end users. Viddler is known for it being super fast with its encoding processing. And on top of that, because Viddler is and has always been so well funded, it has massive and redundant cloud server infrastructure in multiple locations and extremely large Internet pipes with Tier one access providers to deliver the fast downloads. Every video you upload is stored in several locations so that even if one server facility suddenly blew up or caught fire; there would be zero disruption to the corporate customers and all files would still be immediately available. The corporate customerís end users will always see lightning fast downloads; unlike users of lower quality free consumer sites such as YouTube.

Vidler is About Anytime, Anywhere, and on any Device Video Delivery

The catch cry of Viddler is that its play back capability literally means ìanytime, anywhere, and on any deviceî. This is a direct reference to all Viddler downloadable videos being just as easy to watch on all flavors of mobile devices of any kind as they are on traditional computing platforms. All are deliverable in HD (high definition) playback for the optimum and most professional look and are all capable of being embedded such that one video automatically moves on to the next video. RSS and iTunes syndication of your videos is all part of the service. One thing extra special about Viddler is the way they have Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) Streaming and their proprietary ìAdaptive Bit Rateî technology. What this means is that corporate customers have no need to worry about the users who have a smart phone device or a poor internet connection; the Viddler server infrastructure detects what speed the internet connection is and automatically serves the appropriate file size.

While most ìsoftware as a serviceî product offerings are free to end users, that is because most of those web sites are targeting the mass market of retail users and consumers and that the business intends to fund their business after it reaches critical mass with advertising. Viddler is an entirely different animal because not only does it have significant technical superiority when compared to its competitors; has always targeted the fee paying corporate market. All new clients even under the free fourteen day trial get two hundred gigabytes of file storage; Viddler makes its money by charging for how much data has been downloaded with end users accessing the videos. It is an exceptionally high quality resource purpose built to support the top end of the corporate business markets needs.