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Buying Tickets To Your Favorite Events Using Viagogo

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Buying valid tickets to the events you have longed to watch could be very difficult when you consider the high demand and limited supply of the tickets. Imagine if it is a sell-out concert or the finals of the much awaited sporting event with your club or favorite sportsman featuring, how do you snag that ticket and make it into the venue? Viagogo is simply the option of choice for most people all over the world given its global operations and numerous ticket partnerships with the world’s leading brands in sports, entertainment, festivals and much more.

One of the factors that cause ticket buyers the most concern is the validity of the ticket and convenience, not just of purchase but also of receiving the purchased ticket on time for the event. Viagogo provides a guarantee to its customers thus ensuring that their confidence is retained. To understand how Viagogo ensures customer satisfaction, it must be understood that the website is a marketplace for tickets thus working with various brands to market their tickets. Once you are purchasing a ticket on Viagogo, that transaction is monitored to make sure the ticket seller complies by delivering the ticket. You also receive your ticket via secure means such as renowned delivery services including UPS. The ticket seller only gets paid for the ticket by Viagogo when you attend the event and you can rest assured that Viagogo will give you a replacement ticket should anything go wrong before the event.

Viagogo has an amazing diversity of tickets for everyone with a broad range of categories guaranteed to satisfy the interests of many enthusiasts globally. Some of these ticket categories include:

  • Concert Tickets: You can choose from various music genres including but not limited to Country and Folk, Indie and Alternative, Rock and Pop, Hard Rock and Metal, R&B and Urban Soul among others.
  • Sports Tickets: Various sports are on offer here and these include Hockey (NHL), Soccer (MLS), Basketball (NBA), Baseball (MLB), Football, Tennis and many more.
  • Arts and Theatre: These include Comedy, Cirque Du Soleil, Las Vegas Shows, Opera, Musicals, Ballet and Dance among many others.
  • Festival Tickets: These include popular festivals in Germany, United States, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Holland and many other places.

The Viagogo website is designed to be a dazzling advertisement of upcoming events that you cannot afford to miss. Even if you are not sure what event to attend, a visit to the website will solve that little problem for you. On the Viagogo website, you immediately see the hottest selling tickets and featured events which can help you decide what is sufficiently exciting for you to attend, for example the Rolland Garros or UEFA Champions’ League Finals. Some of Viagogo official partners include renowned brands in the sports and entertainment industry and these include Manchester City, Rolland Garros, Chelsea Football Club, Bayern Munich, Turkish Airlines Euroleague, Sonisphere and many others.

Signing Up To Use Viagogo

Buying a ticket using Viagogo is an easy process devoid of hoops that makes things difficult and so is the process of signing up as a user on the website. There are minimal details requested of you. To begin the registration process, you would need to first get to the website at and once on the homepage, locate the Sign In/register link at the top right side of the webpage. Click on the link and a drop down menu appears with options to sign in or register as a new user. The latter is on the right side of the drop down bar and further provides you with two options; registration using Facebook or right there on the website using email. Select your preferred option by clicking either button provided.

If you select the Facebook option, you will be directed to the login page on Facebook and after logging in, a small window displays requesting for your permission to grant access to the Viagogo app on Facebook. You are also informed that Viagogo will only receive your public profile, friends list, email address and some other information such as current cities and likes, hometown etc. If you wish to complete the process, simply click the ‘Okay’ button at the bottom left of the window.

If you choose the on-site registration option, click the appropriate button and you will be directed to the registration page on the Viagogo website. A form is conspicuously displayed on the page with just a few fields requiring filling. The required information includes First Name, Last name, Email Address, Password and Primary Phone Number. You also have to indicate your interest in receiving offers, special deals and important news by ticking the small box beneath the form. Once you have done this, simply click the ‘Continue’ button at the bottom of the page to complete the registration process. It is really that simple.

It is also very easy for you to sign up for ticket alerts so as to be in the know as soon as sale dates and event information become available.

How To Sell Tickets on Viagogo

As a thriving market for tickets and operations in more than 50 countries worldwide, Viagogo offers exciting opportunities for ticket sellers to reach a global audience. Selling tickets on Viagogo is a very simple and easy process and what is more, listing your ticket is FREE. All it takes it the following steps:

  • Log into you account and fill in the details for your ticket. The system is flexible and allows you to determine the price you wish to receive for the ticket while also permitting you to make changes to that price at any time.
  • When a buyer purchases your ticket, it is picked up from you via secure means such as UPS courier or if it is an electronic ticket, you simply upload it. From this point onward, Viagogo will complete the process for you.
  • When your ticket is delivered, Viagogo pays into your bank account.