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Ubernote – Great Note Storage System

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It is the nature of all successful people, no matter what field of endeavor they enter into that they do two things. Firstly, they are constantly taking notes and never relying on memory because remembering everything is a waste of brain power and is always fallible. And they always work from a list where they are constantly filling their minds with the tasks that need to be done, and in what order they must be done so that the most urgent task is always attended to quickly and efficiently. In days of old, this was all achieved manually with a note pad or at worst with scraps of paper. And didnít the world go crazy with excitement when they invented the sticky post it pads so that people could manage all these sticky notes all around them to stay on top of things. Later with computers came a variety of note keeping applications ranging from Yahooís very lam attempt at what can at best can be called a basic utility, to much more functional applications that formed the basic building blocks of project management and resource planning applications.

Open Your Account for Free and Install Your FireFox Plug in

Uber Note is right in there with the best of them for its high level of functionality, and it towers over the primitive examples of Yahoo and others because it integrates so well with other applications and media formats. That is, simply writing a text note to yourself is not quite totally useless, but is certainly close to useless for anything other than a reminder of something. But with Uber Note you are able to manage so much more like your Task list, your contacts list, important and interesting bookmarks you amass during your research, clippings from the web that you will need later, passwords, documents and text files over and above what you store in ìMy Documentsî in Windows, meeting notes as well as the basic notes to yourself and any random thoughts that you have; save some recipes if that takes your fancy. Collectively, Uber Note is a knowledge management system enabling you to store and retrieve from anywhere all those critical and important pieces of information that you are sure to need later. And one of the main benefits is that all of what you store is kept securely online on the Uber Note servers which you can then access at any later time from and computer or internet enabled device.

Text, Video, Images, Bookmarks All Can be Saved with Uber Note

In addition to it all for now being totally free of charge, Uber Note allows you to save and store an unlimited number of notes or items which it then backs up under your account name every day. They claim lightning fast access times, and that has been my experience with them. After creating your account, you will find that everything you save and store is indexed by when you saved and stored it, or when you last modified it. To assist you to retrieve your notes at any time later, you can sort use the contextual search function which will search your notes for any search string that you search for. In addition, when you store your notes you can tag them with keywords to make retrieval of them later all that much easier. And from the task lists that you create, you can search for the open tasks that still need attention. And it is not necessary to log in to your free Uber Note account in order to save notes; you can actually email them to your account with your own dedicated Uber Note email address. You find this unique email address for your account in the Settings area after you have logged in. The format of your Uber Note email address is your, and anyone can use this email address to send notes to your account. This could be perfect for the collection of survey results for example, where all the data you are wanting to collect is automatically filed in the one repository.

Smart Phone Enabled, Voice to Text Capability Coming Soon

To make it extra easy to save notes from your Fire Fox browser, Uber Note supply a plug in which when installed enables you to highlight things you consider important that you found on the web. Just drag and drop the mouse over the item of interest to highlight it and then click the Uber Note button and this plug in is perfect for collecting your bookmarks and saving them to your Uber Noteís account. Uber Note is very well thought out and highly function, with full integration with Twitter so that you can tweet notes to your account, as well as use AOL instant Messenger to do the same, and you can add it to your Google Gadgets account too. Whilst there are no paid plans for Uber Note, you are able to pay them twenty nine dollars a year to become a supporter and in return you will be upgraded to SSL security and no advertising will appear inside your account operating space. To the extent that Yahooís equivalent is bordering on useless, Uber Note is a fantastic resource with great design and excellent functionality. We can only wait for further (no doubt paid for) premium features to be added when they are. One feature I am looking forward to is the planned ìvoice to textî note creation tool which will save large amounts of time at the keyboard typing up the notes to be stored. That alone will make it the best of breed of killer apps in the note keeping market segment.

Uber Note is of course smart device enabled meaning that you can message from your smart phone or iPhone all of the notes and materials including images that are important to you. And as all commuters know, it is when they are on their way home or to the office that they often have the best ideas that should be left to memory.