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TypingWeb is for Everyone Who Uses a Keyboard on their Computer

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Once upon a time, we typical and average humans were couch potatoes sitting watching nearly thirty hours a week of TV. Now we are much less that and most likely more into sitting in front of a computer doing something on the internet; either chatting, surfing, blogging, emailing watching movies or downloading music. Whatever we are doing on the internet is far more engaging than TV because we are usually an active contributor to the content that everyone is sharing in since the advent of web 2.0 and user generated content became so popular and all consuming. And whatever internet content we are generating, it all comes down to our typing speed to get said what we want to say. And considering how fundamentally important that typing is to almost everyoneís life today, it is appalling that almost none of us have any formal skills with high speed and accuracy with your typing skills. Typing is almost never taught in schools.

Police officers have to bash away one key at a time with only two useful fingers; even though their salaries would be vastly better spent had they been taught how to type even to an intermediate level. University students waste copious amounts of their time by having limited or no skills with the keyboard. Every corporation that engages and pays people to input into computers loses tremendous productivity because their work force is practically keyboard illiterate. And the problem seems to be here to stay because we seem to consistently not elect effective policy makers. We are all massive keyboard users; yet with almost a primitive level of skill.

TypingWeb is Making a real Difference to people’s typing Skills

And this is where TypingWeb comes in hoping to make a different. Operating with a ìsoftware as a serviceî business model, where the TypingWeb software is hosted and operated on their servers, users are able to use almost any flavor of web browser they prefer to lift their typing skills by means of practical tutorials and exercises to muscle learn how to touch type quickly and efficiently with a high degree of accuracy. The TypingWeb is entirely free, and it includes a number of fun to play typing games which build up our automatic reflex action of which finger to move where to hit which key is required, typing tests to assess our skill level and to monitor our performance improvements over time a typing tutor to guide us to getting us to be the best we can be. The TypingWeb web site even includes a teacher portal section where teachers can use the resources and tools to monitor, grade and assess their students over time. This type of web site training should become mandatory in all schools; because typing is such a fundamentally important skill required of modern day life.

We humans have a brain that relies of remembering sequences of patterns for it to be predictive of what is to come next to meet our expectations. Thatís a lot of words to say that every human being has a brain perfectly well designed to become highly proficient at typing with skill and accuracy. As with most skills humans learn, it is achieved by repetition; by the physical movement actions of typing, we literally muscle learn at an instinctive level how to operate the keyboard without even thinking about it. And all we need to do to reach a professional level is to practice each day with TypingWeb. Whereas the average person using two fingers can type twenty words per minute, with some tutoring online with TypingWeb, people of any level of intelligence can quickly improve their speed to sixty five words per minute. Age is no barrier, and kids of all ages as well as adults can avail themselves of the TypingWeb web site.

TypingWeb has gone through various iterations of being free and being a paid for license since its launch in 200; most recently moving back to the free model in October 2007. The software has various levels ranging from basic, intermediate and advanced; as well as various content types ranging from classical to humor to keep the user engaged while they improve their speed and accuracy.

Opening an Account with TypingWeb is Free and Easy

Opening an account is very simple and easy to do; it only requires your email address, password and some basic demographic information about where you are a student, business person or at home. One clever aspect of TypingWeb is that it tracks what mistakes the student most frequently makes; and then it prepares customized lessons that work on the problem keys to iron out the wrinkles so to speak. And by being able to take the typing test as many times as you like, your progress is continually monitored, with your last ten test results reported graphically for a visual representation on the studentís progress and improvement. And it is because of these features that TypingWeb being operated as a ìsoftware as a serviceî model is so much better than an application that you download. That is, by having your progressive results and improvement tracked, your problem areas known and understood by the software and retained in your account profile, students are able to benefit from the accumulated wisdom of the system.

TypingWeb Students Automatically Learn How to Spell Better Too

Students automatically get tailored exercises that focus n developing their weaknesses into strengths. And as an added bonus to all the great work of improving skills achieved by TypingWeb, peopleís inherent spelling skills similarly improve too. That is, because people are focused on improving their typing speed, their mental agility grows stronger and more flexible; people become more alert and aware of what they are typing and the results show with increased spelling skills. After all, something that is not spelling correctly is normally counted as a typing error; and by focusing on getting the least amount of errors, subconsciously people simply happen to learn how to spell.