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Discovering What Twingly Can do for You

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Twingly is a new revolutionary website that puts customers in contact with a data mining company based out of Linköping, Sweden. The company was founded in 2006 and has become well known among website builders and online marketers over the years. Their primary focus is on indexing blogs and strive towards to get the best coverage, quality, and support.

Today the site helps index as many as 55 million blogs from all over the world. In addition to their data mining services they also provide companies with answers to common questions and help encourage bloggers to get more exposure for their brands, services, and products. They currently have customers in over 16 countries, and the most common fields include Media, Ecommerce, and Media Monitoring.

Signing Up With Twingly

Signing up with Twingly is super simple and easy. To get started, you will need to create a user name, enter your email, set up a secure password and pass a simple bot test. That is all it takes to get started with an account on the site. The one down site to the site is even when you register you are not given any additional access on the site. To find out information about their features ad to sign up for actual service, you have to contact Twingly and speak with a representative who will help you get set up. Being operated out of Sweden, the only option for contact they have at Twingly is to send them an email message or message them through the site. It may take a day or two to get further information about the services but once you are in contact with a representative, they can help you get started and get you signed up for services to help you market your blogs and websites more effectively.

Twingly Blog Manager

It is easier than ever to take control of your blog and website and engage more customers right now! Twingly helps index and mine data from blogs all over the world and is a valuable source of information regarding what bloggers are talking about, linking to, and what trends and products are most popular. Based on that knowledge, you as a customer can make use of their specially designed Twingly Blog Manager in order to help thousands of eCommerce companies like yours engage more blogger, drive more traffic, and generate more sales.

Twingly Blog Manager is comprised of two components: the Blog Box and the Dashboard. The Blog Box is a simple yet powerful tool that helps attract more bloggers to feature your products and services in their links and blogs. The Dashboard provides you with the power to manage your bloggers and to find more bloggers to fill your site or share links with. By using Twingly Blog Manager you can increase sales and profits by generating more interest in your site and bringing in more bloggers and customers.

The Blog Box

When you put into practice the features offered by Blog Box, it helps increase the visibility and traffic on your product pages and it will work to find posts and webpages in the site’s index that link to your products and they will be displayed for you in the Blog Box. In essence when a blogger writes on your site and mentions a product, if your site features that product o a very similar one, the option to link to your product will be given in the Blog Box. This helps the blogger link to valid sites and it will also greatly increase your site traffic and exposures in order to generate for customers and more sales.

You can use Blog Box on your front page and on your site’s major category pages. In this setup, it will show the latest blog posts or item listings for that page- so new posts and new inventory items will be automatically displaced for visitors to see. This can also help give bloggers inspiration and will give them an idea of what products are hot and what they should be talking about.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard set up on Twingly furnishes you with data and statistics on bloggers who are posting and blogging about items related to your site and products and services. You can see what bloggers are linking to your products and who is mentioning you in their blogs. Think of the Dashboard as the overall picture of how your site, products, services, and name are being dispersed throughout the internet. You can go to the sites to read the actual blog posts in order to find out what they are writing about you and saying as well as seeing what product they are linking to. This is invaluable information because you will be able to find out whether they are saying positive or negative things and can give you insight into areas you may need to improve.

If you find a blogger has been reputedly having issues with your site or products and has been blogging about the experiences, you should contact them an try to address the issue sand reach a resolution. Even having someone say they had a bad experience but appreciated you attempt to fix it is better than having many bad reviews pile up on one site. On the statistics page you can see statistics for both mentions and unlinks over time. This is one of the biggest benefits of the Twingly Blog Manager s features.

Other options for Product Growth

  • Increase conversion about your products
  • Increased SEO for search engine rankings
  • Marketing through blogs and link shares
  • Greater exposure on blog sites
  • Better control over website and products
  • Improved sales and marketing
  • Higher profits and greater brand exposure
  • Ability to monitor reputation on blogging sites

It is easy to see why any business that is serious about making it in the digital age has to be able to survive in the online market. Blogging is the way of the future and in order to make the most of this amazing networking and sharing tool, many businesses are turning to Twingly for help, guidance, and advice.