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Sharing The Best Local Businesses With Friends Using Tupalo

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Social is the new reality in the world today even though it has been in existence since forever. We always want to share what we experience with others whether it is an experience in a local store, an overseas trip, a food recipe, clothes or even social occurrence. So, how do you do this when you have friends in your locality who wish to know just how to know what you have to say about the local restaurants, shops, hotels and so many other fun stuff out there to enjoy? Tupalo makes that very, very easy for you and your friends. This online platform was built to make it possible for people to explore to their hearts content then share their experiences about local businesses (known on Tupalo as ‘spots’) with friends and others.

currently, Tupalo has presence in nine major countries including the United States, Austria, Finland, Poland, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and France with many more in the pipeline. Regardless of where your neck of the woods is located, Tupalo is all about being social and sharing that great experience and even the not-so-great one with friends.

There are four broad steps to making the very best of your Tupalo experience and these are:

  • Discover: To have experiences, you have to get out there. So Tupalo encourages you to do just that. Go out into the neighborhood and find those amazing businesses in your locality. Get right into it and find out what makes them so great and awesome. Get that experience that demands sharing.
  • Review: This is the part where you tell your story. You just had the best doughnuts ever! The cup of cappuccino you just had was not made in this world, you can swear it! You just want to tell the entire galaxy about it. So do so by creating compelling reviews.
  • Share: Okay, so you really do not want to hide that place where you had that cappuccino so you tell your friends about the coffee shop where you bought it. This is not all but the idea is for you to share the places you have fallen in love with, with your friends and also give them the ‘why’.
  • Win: There is a win in it for you as you check into those hot places you have designated as the best thing ever.

Signing Up to Use Tupalo

Tupalo is set for easy registration as a user. It even has multiple options for signing up so that you can not only sign up using your email but also using your Facebook and Twitter accounts with the Google option coming soon. When you navigate to the homepage at, you will find the Sign Up link located at the top right side of the page and when you click it, you will be redirected to

Categories of Businesses on Tupalo

On Tupalo, you will find lots of business categories although the number of businesses available within each category may vary slightly from one region to another. On a general note however, the following categories are available:

  • Restaurants
  • Nightlife
  • Travel
  • Shops
  • Beauty
  • Auto
  • Activities
  • Education
  • Pets
  • Financial Services
    Costs Involved in Using Tupalo

Tupalo is generally used by consumers and business owners. For consumers, the service is absolutely FREE but for the business owner who desires to showcase his business to consumers, there is a free package but there are also two paid-for subscription packages that have special features tacked on maximum impact. So, if you are a consumer who wishes to share your experiences with your friends and participate on conversations about various spots in your locality, you get to do all that for free. Here are the subscription packages offered by Tupalo for the benefit of business owners:

  • Basic Business: The listing for this package if absolutely free and you get the opportunity to display fundamental business information including website URL, business name, phone number, photos and a few others. Your business will enjoy the advantage of being found much faster by major search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo!. In other words, you get to enhance your visibility for free.
  • Premium Silver Package: This package ensures that in the listings, your business is highlighted in silver and also on various Tupalo pages including the city and category pages. Features you will enjoy include ads exclusion, premium layout, public comments to facilitate interaction with public users, inclusion of dashboard for business owner accounts. All these features and a few more cost only 20 Euro per month.
  • Premium Gold: This is the full premium package and it contains all the features already described for both the Premium Silver and Basic business packages in addition to private email to communicate with users as well as image text on spot page. This package costs only 30 Euro per month.

Benefits of Using Tupalo

Tupalo offers users, both consumers and business owners a lot of benefits. Inasmuch as it is a site where people write reviews, it has ripple effects on the way businesses perform in terms of service delivery. Here are a few benefits:

  • Connection to Local Community: By being listed on Tupalo, a business gets instant opportunities of being told of its presence in that communities to its residents. These people may also know about the business already and use this as an opportunity to provide favorable reviews especially if they had great experiences.
  • Access to a Massive User Base: Tupalo boasts of about 3 million users visiting the site per month. This is a great opportunity for forward-looking businesses to leverage especially as these visitors are typically ready to make purchase decisions.
  • Get Found Easily by Search Engines: Bing, Yahoo! and Google help people find businesses far more easily when listed on Tupalo and similar platforms because the business listing and reviews written by users appears in search results.