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Finding your Perfect Residence with

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Home buying and selling is not just tedious work but it also takes up a lot of time from all parties involved. Just making up a list of homes that you plan to check out is already very time-consuming especially for first time home buyers who don’t even know where to actually start.

As an online residential real estate site, is one of the most vibrant and valuable marketplace in the real estate business. It basically provides listings of properties for sale and for rent in the United States (US) as well as consolidated information about the said properties. This include the photos of the property taken from both outside and inside, its price, a detailed description and features of the property, neighborhood information (i.e. schools, crimes, amenities and transit), affordability, and price history and trends. You could even inquire the local community to get a better picture of the neighborhood.

For real estate agents, provides you with the “industry’s first ever end-to-end offering” which includes state-of-the-art marketing tools and “the broadest suite of software” that will surely help as you build and manage your business. Trulia also offers to help franchisors and brokers create opportunities so they could increase their visibility online.

Trulia presents sophisticated services for homebuyers, sellers, owners, and renters by giving them a “killer user experience” as Trulia provides them with all the information they may need to make the right decisions. If you are confused about whether to rent or buy, offers to do the math and help you decide. They also offer to connect you with local agents who could guide you through the selling and buying process.

Since most people rely on their mobile devices when they are on the go, Trulia also offers their services via downloadable mobile applications.

How do I sign up for a account?

Though you could search for homes without having an account, there are some features in that you can’t access without it. Signing up for a account is really easy and it won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time.

First, you would have to open’s website in your browser. Their website address is If you are unable to access the website via the link, then you could simply copy and paste the URL in your browser’s URL bar or just merely type it then press Enter. Once you’ve opened their website, you’ll immediately see a “Sign In” link in the upper right corner of the page. Click it and a “Create an account” window will come into view. You would then need to provide your own existing and current email address and a password which should be at least 5 to 15 characters long. By clicking “CREATE ACCOUNT”, you would also be automatically agreeing to Zillow’s Terms of Use. So maybe before doing so you may want to actually read it just to be sure that you really agree with everything laid out. If you find it satisfactory then you could click “CREATE ACCOUNT” to continue. Another window that you will have to fill in will emerge. You would need to provide your name which could either be a pseudonym or your real name, specify your role in the real estate industry (e.g. Home Buyer, Seller, Real Estate Pro, etc.), and your location. You would then need to click “Confirm” to proceed. After doing so, you would then be automatically redirected to the homepage of your newly made Trulia account and you could immediately start home hunting.

If you are a real estate pro, an additional form that you will have to fill up will come into view below the first one. You will have to specify what “Pro type” you are, your company’s name, and your phone number. By clicking “Confirm”, you will then be redirected to’s homepage.

You could also actually sign up for using your Facebook account. Just click the “Sign in with Facebook” link which is found on the same “Create an account” window. Once you click it, a window will come into view stating what information Trulia will access from your Facebook account. Once you click “Okay” to continue, you would then be automatically redirected to’s homepage and you could start searching for home and rental listings.

Costs involved

Creating an account with won’t cost you a cent, so what’s the harm of trying it? You even got to do the following free of charge:

  • Search for homes and properties
  • Save your searches and favorite homes
  • Add and save your personal note to listings
  • Join discussions with regard to your neighborhood
  • Get expert real estate advice
  • Contact the agent and broker directly through the site

Downloading and installing’s mobile applications is also free of charge. You could choose to download from the 15 available applications of Trulia which are all compatible with either iPhone®, iPad®, and Android™ devices. So with just a swipe of your fingers, you could search for homes anytime, anywhere.

For real estate professionals, Trulia offers services that could help you further your chances in the market but it will of course come with a reasonable price. With this paid “upgrades”, real estate pros could experience the following features:

  • Boost listings and get more traffic
  • Capture more buyer leads
  • Gain exclusivity with ad-free listings

Searching for Homes

If you want to search for properties, you would first have to specify whether you’re interested to buy or to rent. Then you would need to identify your chosen area by neighborhood, city, zip, or address. After you click “Search” or press Enter, a list of diverse properties will then come into view that matched your specifications. You could choose to view the listing by photo or through the map.

You could always minimize the number of search results by specifying other details about your preferred property if ever it is just too many for you. You could specify the minimum and maximum price, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the property type (e.g. Family Home, Condo, Town Home, Apartment, etc.). You may also sort the search results depending on the Newest, Featured, Price, and more.

Familiarizing the site and its functions is actually very unchallenging. The websites layout is not complicated and easily accessible. not just simply provides information but they also look out for the buyers and the agents’ best interest. Trulia transformed the home hunting and buying process from a complex one to a simple, efficient one.