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How to Use TripAdvisor

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TripAdvisor – A basic know-how guide

Planning for travel trips can sometimes be a difficult task in itself when the place is new to you. But not now. With TripAdvisor, making travel plans just got easier. Offering you with travel advice, authentic reviews and experiences shared by over 60 million users from all over the world on hotels, inns, B&B’s and much more. TripAdvisor gives suggestion on places to visit nearby for a weekend getaway or for extended stays and gives choices as to where you should stay, eat and have fun, all based on best possible ratings and reviews.

TripAdvisor also has flight booking/search feature and gives to you multiple itineraries based on the lowest possible fare. For more clear reviews and opinions, you can discuss travel plans with other travellers on the forum and get more details from the people who have been there. There are multiple travel guides for new travellers to help them have a better understanding on places, hotels etc. TripAdvisor also has mobile applications which could be used for a quick check on your travel plans and lets you book directly through it.

Using TripAdvisor

For first time users, TripAdvisor is as easy as it can get. All the main options are clearly shown in the home page. For better understanding, refer to the pic below – Flights booking, hotels, restaurants and destinations can be easily seen.

Simply think of what you want to do or where you want to go, TripAdvisor will give you ample options to choose from. Flight booking/ itineraries checking is placed straight up on the page and other features just a few click away.

You can use TripAdvisor as a guest and use most of the features, but having an account not only opens up all the features but allows you to interact with fellow users, write reviews and much more. Benefits of becoming a member can be summarised as:

  • Share travel experiences and help others by reviewing places, hotels, food etc. that you encountered during your travel.
  • Send private messages to other members in case you need their help with your planned trip.
  • Take part in forum discussions and ask questions and interact more openly with other forum members.
  • Select travel plan, pin all your favourites on the map and save that for future references and share with friends and family easily.
  • Receive promotional emails informing you about best offers and discounts.

Setting up TripAdvisor account

TripAdvisor account is free and it is easy to join. Click on the Join button to register or if you have a Facebook account, you can directly join by clicking on the Facebook button on the top-right corner of the homepage.

By using Facebook option, TripAdvisor takes your information from your Facebook account and keeps the same login and password.

If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can create an account by clicking on the Join button. There you will also be given to log-in through your Google account and like with the Facebook option, TripAdvisor will fetch your information from Google Account.

If by any chance you don’t even have a Google account, you can use any email address and fill the details required in the form and click on Sign-Up. The form will be like:

  • Once you have created your personal account, you can fill up the remaining details in your profile to help other members know a bit about you.
  • You can make all your travel plans, pin on the map the places you have visited and the places you want to visit.
  • Share your experiences and reviews with other members about the places you have visited. If helps greatly to have real and honest reviews before visit any place or hotel.
  • TripAdvisor sends promotional emails to you having great discounts and offers for the places you want to visit.

Next step is to go to your Profile and update your information, add you profile picture and write about yourself for others to know you better. Your profile will look something like this and click on Update Information (highlighted on the left side) to put most accurate info and you are all set to go.

You can see other members profile by clicking on their profile pictures and sometimes it’s a good way to know about the person before asking for any help or advice.

Now you can search for destinations, travel options, hotels and much more. Plan and save trip maps for future references, write reviews to help others to make better decisions for their trip, interact with members through private messages or join discussions on the forum.

TripAdvisor for Businesses

Like travellers, TripAdvisor is equally beneficial for business owners. Owners can list their establishments on TripAdvisor for more public exposure and promotion.

It starts here: TripAdvisor Management Centre

Its TripAdvisor’s way of making the communication gap between customers and business owners even smaller. The owners can look up reviews for their establishments and learn from them their shortcomings and the areas where they can improve. This Management centre is free of cost for all registered businesses and can be assessed by the TripAdvisor Management centre.

Important features of Management Centre can be listed as:

  • Optimising Listings – Owners can use Management centre to advertise their establishment for free. You can upload pictures showcasing their establishment and highlight their strong suits.
  • Interaction with customers – Owners can interact with customers on their reviews and get more direct feedback and work on their shortcomings.
  • Get more visible – With more and more positive reviews, the establishment gets featured in top trends and get viewed by more and more customers.

TripAdvisor is a great place to be when you are planning to travel. All the necessary things are at one place and are easy to use. Honest reviews shared be members is a great way to make more informed decisions. You also get a chance to interact with people sharing the same interests as you and can somethings lead to long friendships. What else can one ask for when we get everything at one place – TripAdvisor.