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Tips on How to Shop With Amazon

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Amazon is a great resource, but it may confuse beginners who have never used this online system before. There are a few basic steps that you have to follow when it comes to using Amazon.


The first thing that you will have to do is to go to and access the homepage of this website. At the top you will have the option to click on the links that allow you to sign up with Amazon. Once you have signed up you will be able to have better control over your Amazon account. Have a look at the “For Sale” categories if you are hoping to buy something from

Shop All Departments

Once you have accessed the homepage of Amazon, click on the link that says “Shop All Departments” which you will find in the top left corner of the Amazon homepage. This will bring up absolutely everything that Amazon has to offer and it will also draw your attention to the various bargains that are currently on offer from Amazon.

Choose your Department

It then comes time to make your choice about which section of the Amazon website you are in fact interested in. then you will have to search using the search bar provided. If you have something specific in mind, type that in. if not you can have a general browse through the categories that you are interested in. a very important part of browsing Amazon is checking to see what other people think of the product that you are looking at. There will be plenty of reviews for you to refer to as well as a bar graph that indicates how previous buyers have rated that topic. If you feel that the ratings are too bad, then don’t buy that product and continue your search elsewhere.

Bestsellers and Hot New Releases

If you are just browsing your favourite section in general with no specific products in mind then you should definitely have look at the “Bestsellers” that are listed in that section in order to see what other people have liked in the past and to decide whether or not it is something you can like to. “Hot New Releases” are also worth checking out if you want to be among the first to get your hands on a sizzling new product.

Follow Instructions

Different products may have different instructions that you will be required to follow before you can purchase the item. You may need, for example, to inquire about the product directly with the seller via phone or email, while other sellers will prefer you to do everything through the Amazon website.

Shopping Cart

The next step is to add your chosen item to your Shopping Cart, which simply requires you to click on the “Add to cart” option. Remember that you will receive free shipping for any purchase that is above $25. If your purchase does not quite reach this limit then it may be in your best interests to check out the “Slick Deals” section. In this section you will find all of the best deals on Amazon. To flesh out your purchase you will probably find something cheap yet useful to include in your purchase, pushing you past the $25 mark and granting you free shipping.


It may be time-consuming to find the deals that you are interested in, so using Spendfish is a great way to overcome this obstacle. Spendfish will automatically look for deals in 12 different categories saving you time and effort.

Wish Lists

Using Amazon for your wedding or baby shower is a great idea. This is because on Amazon you have the opportunity to create wish lists which will allow friends and family to see what you want as well as what other people have already bought for you. The nice thing is that it is also possible to have a general wish list up there at all times which you can constantly update and change. People won’t know what to get you unless you tell them and Amazon is a great place to make your wishes known.


If you are buying from a private seller, make sure that you don’t give in immediately. Negotiate carefully. If something is being shipped to you, make sure that the date and location is carefully decided on. If you need to pick something up from the seller, make sure that you have all of the necessary information to do so.

It is very important that you do everything in your power to guard against becoming the victim of a scam. One of the best ways to avoid this is by making sure that you have personal contact with the seller of the product. There are plenty of scams on the internet these days and you cannot assume that you will not be a victim. Con artists know how to get to anyone, and you don’t want to fall prey to their schemes. Don’t give money to anyone you are not sure about and do your best to check whether or not they are legitimate before purchasing something from them.

Free Stuff

Remember that there are also ways to get free stuff from The steps you should follow to do so are:

  • Take any surveys that are offered as your reward for doing so will be gift vouchers to spend on Amazon
  • When you sell your old stuff you can also opt to be paid out in gift vouchers
  • When you purchase digital downloads you become eligible to receive bonus downloads for free
  • At the very least you should be able to get free shipping from

There are a lot of advantages to using Amazon, and it won’t take you long to realise that it is actually a very easy system to use. It is one of the best places to do your online shopping and find bargains that simply don’t exist anywhere else. As far as online shopping goes, Amazon is definitely a leader in the industry and you won’t be disappointed with your experiences with Amazon.