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Create Simple Yet Captivating Newsletter Using TinyLetter

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Communication has proven to be, not just an essential commodity but one that is fraught with numerous challenges. The world had to make do with snail mail and other means of communication which would seem cumbersome these days. Some these ‘archaic’means of communication includes machine fax for businesses but as technology evolved, we looked for better ways to talking to other people and not just talking but getting our messages across faster, better and more to the point. Lack of time has certainly made it impossible for people to stop and read,watch or listen to everything they come across even when it pertains to them. Today, as email is no longer a guarantee that you will get attention, it has to be succinct and compelling. Brevity is now a virtue as is the ability to pass a message across without seeming to forcing it down the reader’s throat. Email newsletters were once welcomed as one of the best means of capturing reader’s attention but with the passage of time ad proliferation of newsletters, the world again demanded something less intrusive. The question is, how do you still create email newsletter that are simple, fresh and non-intrusive? How do you get the reader’s attention without coming across as irritating? Most platforms have great functionalities which a lot of users neither want nor use and which, frankly, just complicate things for sender and reader alike. One platform, TinyLetter changes all of that.

TinyLetter is a service from the stables of the platform that has produced one of the most popular and renowned email marketing platforms, MailChimp. As opposed to most newsletter services which are focused on selling an idea/product/service to its subscribers, TinyLetter is a personal newsletter service. Its focus is to enable people send updates, digests as well as dispatches to other people who may be their family, friends, colleagues, fans or simply people who wish to read about the topic the sender loves. TinyLetter is stripped of the business functionalities and features that are typically available on MailChimp and this has endeared it to its target market; people who simply wish to ait their views without having to click various features or toggle different alternatives.

TinyLetter has the distinction of having crossed the 100,000 mark in users who have a reach in the region of 9.3 million subscribers. In addition to that, the platform has seen a 15% increase in the number of newsletter sent by its users in the past year alone. TinyLetter allows its users to personalize their sign-up forms and share the forms with people in their contact circles. The platform also provides other ways of informing people of your newsletter and making it very easy for them to sign up by embedding a link on your blog, website landing page and even via social media channels such as Twitter. Personalization of the newsletter content is a brilliant strategy for engaging subscribers and TinyLetter lets users do that very easily. Users can make use of the platform’s editor or simply email straight from their own own email client.

Several users have continued to praise the platform and this is very commendable as TinyLetter has acquired users among very popular media outlets as well as private practitioners and freelancers. According to Navneet Alang of the Globe and Mail, TinyLetter came along in a timely fashion and had considerable impact in reducing barriers to creating and receiving newsletters. Alexis Madrigal of The Atlantic is emphatic in stating that TinyLetter has reinfused him with fun while writing unlike what he has been doing for a long time. Madrigal testifies that he has been able to share his ideas in a timely manner with his subscribers and watched his readership grow into thousands. He praised TinyLetter for making it possible for people to sign up for the newsletter without even having to leave their Twitter page.

Using TinyLetter

using TinyLetter to create newsletter is very easy. Once you are registered on the platform, log into your account and proceed to the ‘Compose’ page. You will be presented with a very simple interface which will enable you to create your newsletter. On the left side of the page, you have the links to the functions and folders while the editor occupies most of the page. Type the subject of the newsletter into the Subject Line and then type your content in the Message section. The editor is simple but sufficiently rich to allow for decent formating. You can upload pictures, arrange the text orientation, add hyperlinks, format the text among other simple formating functions. After writing your content, you can preview by clicking the ‘Preview’ button and you can also save your newsletter as draft if yo are not ready to send it. To send it however, simply click the ‘Send Now’ button.

Signing Up to Use TinyLetter

The sign-up process on TinyLetter is a continuity of the platform’s simplicity. There are no hoops to jump or excess protocols to observe in getting signed up. All you need to do is first navigate to the homepage at and click on the ‘Sign Up Free’ button prominently displayed on the page. This opens the sign-up page which contains a form with just three fields; Email, Username and Password. Fill in the required details and click the ‘Sign Up’ button beneath the form. You will receive an email from the platform which contains an activation link that you need to click. Once you do that, your account is live and ready.

Costs of Using TinyLetter

One of the platform’s most endearing attributes is its pricing plan; it is absolutely FREE. There are no charges whatsoever attached to the use of the platform right from inception. People who use it, do so without paying a single penny. Simply sign up and start creating great and engaging newsletters.