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Clean Out and Refresh Your Wardrobe on ThredUP

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When was the last time you looked into your personal wardrobe or those of your kids and decided that it looked overcrowded and ready for a cleanout but did not know how to go about it? To give the clothes away especially when they are still trendy and you bought them not too long ago? Or to sell them but then to whom? You could try using an allcomers’ affair like an online classified or you could look for a specialist online retailer for clothes. That is where ThredUP comes in.

ThredUP is a specialty used clothes retailer with a very unique business model. It is actually an online thriftshop where you can purchase very classy and trendy clothes at pocket-friendly prices while also selling yours and receiving cash for them. You can rely on ThredUP in order to get those in-vogue shoes and clothes you have been eyeing for a while. Great deals abound all the time on ThredUP so if you are looking for designer clothing at rates that you will not get in-shop anywhere else, you definitely need to give this a look-in. Kids clothing are also in the mix with pieces from your favorite designers such as GAP Kids and Gymboree. If you are Plus-sized, you have no worries and even if you are pregnant, you will find clothing that match your condition. ThredUP is that amazing.

How ThredUP Works

On ThredUP, your goal is to exchange those clothes you would like to let go from your collection for a decent bargain price. So, generally, you wish to clean out your closet by selling your stuff such as clothes and shoes. You just need to visit the ThredUP website at and browse the clothing items listed there. When you have looked through your wardrobe and kids’ closets, pick out the clothes you would like to sell. ThredUP takes a lot of the hassles off your hands, including that of sending your clothes to them. Here is a simple outline of how the process pans out:

  • Order a Clean Out Bag: ThredUP Clean Out bags are becoming very important symbols. These bags are mailed to you upon order and are meant for you to fill and send back to ThredUP. So, once you order, put all your clothes and kids’ clothes you have selected into the bag then mail back to ThredUP. If you are wondering how much your clothing are worth, you can avail yourself of the Clothing Calculator provided on the website to get a estimate for the clothing.
  • Mail The ThredUP Clean Out Bag: This is an easy step because ThredUP has taken the initiative of ensuring that your bag comes pre-paid and pre-addressed for shipment back to ThredUP at no cost to you at all. All you need to do after filling the bag with your clothes is to seal it up and drop it off either at the FedEx office closest to you or hand it over to your UPS carrier. The rest will be taken care of.
  • Valuation by ThredUP: The clothing you have sent in will be reviewed by the ThredUP fashion resale professionals. The payment you receive could be as much as 80% of the clothing resale value.
  • Unaccepted Clothing: In instances where the clothing sent in are not accepted by ThredUP, they are either sent to textile recycling companies or to charitable partners. This two options are however, not compulsory as you may have the clothing sent back to you if you so wish at a nominal shipping free of $12.99.

ThredUP is certainly one of the best places to find renowned fashion brands for women and kids at great prices. Even though these clothes have been previously owned, the quality is undeniable and certainly unmistakable. A few of the brands you find in ThredUP include the following:

  • Cynthia Vincent
  • Dolce Vita
  • Rebecca Minkoff
  • Kate Spade New York
  • Marc Jacobs

How To Sign Up To Use ThredUP

ThredUP offers you the opportunity to sign up and enjoy several benefits but the process is a very simple one and you will complete it in the blink of an eye. Once you get to the homepage at, you only have to locate the ‘Log In’ link at the top right side of the homepage and click on it. That will direct you to the log in page but since you have not signed up yet, you will also be given the opportunity to do so. Click the ‘Create an Account’ link to open the Sign Up page. A simple three-field form is displayed there requiring your Email Address and Password. Once you have provided the information, click on the ‘Create My Account’ button beneath the form to complete the process.

Cost of Using ThredUP

Using ThredUP comes at a zero cost to you. There are no monthly or annual fees attached to using the service. All you need to do is follow the steps outlined above in order to start using ThredUP.

Benefits of Using ThredUP

Using ThredUP comes with a lot of benefits and a few are highlighted below:

  • Shop on the Go!: ThredUP also comes in apps purpose built for iOS as well as Android platforms. This simply means that wherever you are, ThredUP is not far away from you.
  • High Emphasis on Quality: Each item anyone sends in is critically checked by ThredUP merchandise experts in order to determine that they indeed meet ThredUP’s high standards.
  • Low Costs: To begin, the ThredUP Clean Out Bags are sent to you for free and you return them for free too. When you purchase items that total more than $50, you get them shipped to you for free too. ThredUP also has a very great return policy that allows you to return any item you purchase within 30 days and you can be assured of getting a refund for your purchase.