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Discover The Hottest Fashion And Style Products With ThisNext

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ThisNext is one of the most popular social shopping destinations you will ever find on the internet. Hitherto, shopping was done at best, by groups of ladies (sometimes men, of course) in shopping malls and they had experiences that were somewhat limited. The best form of sharing came by way of recommendations and limited word-of-mouth, be it positive or negative. All that has changed, first with the internet and now, with the evolution of social shopping. More recently however, ThisNext has continued to cause changes and help in the evolution of the social shopping concept and experience. In the course of this, the website has continued to grow in popularity and ability to attract the very best of style lovers.

Given the diverse range of products available for discovery on the ThisNext website, it is really no wonder that it has continued to make the kind of waves it is currently making. The hottest products you can find anywhere and in a variety of categories are available for discussion. Chances are, if you have not yet come across it on ThisNext, it is yet to become trendy and may not really get to that level. Why? It is simple really; ThisNext is where the most important and informed conversations revolving around fashion, beauty, lifestyle, home and lots of other categories is going on. The people in the ThisNext are ‘addicted’ to style and fashion and are eager to talk about it and share their findings and opinions with you. People troop to the ThisNext website in droves to get those opinions and discern what is hot and what is not. If you really want to get into the groove of what matter in the world of fashion, beauty and style then you cannot afford not be a member of ThisNext.

Categories available on ThisNext include the following:

  • Fashion: Accessories, Dresses, Intimates, Shoes, Vintage among many others
  • Beauty: Bath & Body, Hair, Makeup, Perfume etc
  • Home: Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Room etc
  • Life: Food & Beverages, Fitness, Health, Entertainment, DIY etc
  • Kids: Toys, Gear, Baby, Toddler etc
  • Men: Accessories, Grooming, Pants, Outerwear, Shoes etc
  • Brands: Alexander Wang, House of Hallow, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors etc
  • Stores: Bloomingdale’s, Etsy, Amazon, Posh Tots, Pottery Barn, ASOS, Sephora etc
  • Events:House warming, Get Well, Baby Shower etc
  • Holiday: New Year, Thanksgiving, Halloween etc
    How To Sign Up And Join ThisNext

ThisNext places a lot of emphasis on user experience and this begins with the ability of the user to use sign up without any hassles on the website. Therefore, the process involves filling a simple form containing only two fields. However, to get this page, you need to get to the website at At the top of the page, you will find the ‘Join’ link. Simply click on the link to display the form. Fill the two required fields with your Email address and chosen Password. After completing the fields, click the ‘Join Now’ button at the bottom of the form to complete the process.

One of the perks of being a community member of ThisNext is the opportunity to become a Maven. Being a Maven has levels with the highest level being Level 5. The reward for getting to Maven Level 5 is the really cool display of a badge on your profile picture as well as the opportunity to win amazing prizes and exclusive ThisNext deals.the various levels are appropriately named: Level 1 (Enthusiast), Level 2 (Connoisseur), Level 3 (Trendsetter), Level 4 (Aficionado), Level 5 (Maven).

Cost of Using ThisNext

ThisNext is absolutely free to use. All that is required of users is to sign up in order to enjoy the various perks that abound on the website. All you need to do is to enjoy using and be social!.

How To Use ThisNext

ThisNext has one major objective and that is to point you in the right direction. So, if you wish to have the very product in a particular category, ThisNext ensures that you have all the information it can provide as well as opinions of various members. ThisNext does not stock products, neither does the website sell any products hence, all the products found on the site are items sold by other retailers and you can see them because ThisNext users added such items from the stores where they are actually stocked. When you like a product and wish to purchase it, all you need to do is look for a link right beside the product that says ‘Shop for it at…’ that would usually direct you to the online stores where the item is stocked.

Shopping Guides: One of the most exciting features you will find on ThisNext is the Shopping Guide and this is a kind of virtual space where you can save the items you really love and organize them in a way that suits you. When you create a Shopping Guide (you can create as many as you wish), ThisNext stores it for you in the account you created on the website. This way, you can make comparisons between various products and ideas you may have. You can also compare what you have in your Shopping Guides with your friends’ and share with them so you can get their views and exchange ideas. In all, this is one feature you would really love to use on ThisNext as it will make your experience on the site even more exciting.

Add and Recommend Products: When using ThisNext website, you will find the Bookmarklet to be a very useful tool. It is simply a small bookmarking tool that you install in your web browser. The advantage that this tool offers you is the ability to easily add any item you find while browsing through your favorite shopping retail websites. All it requires is for you to click on the bookmarklet whenever you see that lovely item and it is automatically added to your Shopping Guide.