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Make Your Customer Support Easier and Better With Tender Support

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Warning! Website described in this article is discontinued and no longer in service. Content is moved to ‘Discontinued Websites‘.

Most businesses would list customer acquisition as a key objective and rightly so considering the fact that without customers/clients, there would be no businesses at all. However, a business does not just focus on the aspect of acquiring more customers but also retaining the ones already acquired. This is where customer support is critical and also one of the most critical areas of any business operation. It is actually one in which many enterprises fail their customers and with the resulting disappointment, comes the possibility of customer attrition. Typically, customer churn is an occurrence that businesses avoid, even strategize against but without a well-defined strategy to retain customers and keep them happy, they will leave. Realizing this fact, businesses have continued to seek platforms which offer them the very best features that can capture customer complaints effectively and efficiently, streamline them for proper attention, direct them to the right channel where necessary and provide a great knowledge base for both the customers and support agents. Of course, these are not the only features required of a versatile customer support platform.

While there are a lot of customer support platforms in the market, there are not many that actually meet the real demands of the users. However, Tender Support makes a marked difference from the norm by packing features specially tailored to suit the needs of its users. Its mantra is ‘Better and Simpler’ and every feature is designed to reflect this philosophy.

Tender ensures that your customer support agents have enough time to focus on the things that are really important instead of being bogged down with small issues. For instance, why burden a busy support agent with an issue that can simply be found on the site? Tender therefore has a knowledge base which is a repository of information nuggets that provides answers to questions being asked and issues being faced by customers. By redirecting customers to the knowledge base, support agents are freed up to attend to more serious complaints. Tender also leverages the power of community to solve customer support issues by enabling customers to respond to questions raised by fellow customers. This also fosters engagement between customers and allows them to interact in a way that is monitored by the platform thus providing insight into customer opinions which they may not have shared for lack of a proper channel.

Signing Up to Use Tender

Tender sign up process is also a reflection of its simplicity and dedication to providing a better service. It does not provide hoops for intending users to jump and certainly does give them any hassles. All that is required is for the intending user to navigate to the website homepage at and click the ‘Start Now’ button located at the top right side of the page. Clicking on the link will open the ‘setup’page which contains a signup form with 3 required fields; Email Address, Password and Product Name. Simply fill in the required details and select the box beneath the fields to indicate acceptance of the platform’s Terms of Service. To complete, click the ‘Create a New Tender’ button beneath the form.

Costs of Using Tender

Tender offers users a 14-day FREE trial period within which to determine whether they would like to proceed and purchase one of the paid subscription plans. This period is free of obligation and users enjoy the full features of the Ultimo Plan. Additionally, when a user purchases a paid subscription plan, it includes 1 support agent but this number can be increased by simply paying an additional fee of $20/agent/month. Tender’s subscription plans are as follows:

  • Core: This costs $9/month and has the following basic features; email integration, custom domain, knowledge base, auto-suggest, widget, API as well as a storage space of 2G. Users also enjoy advanced features such as assignments, 5 discussions filters and then basic reports.
  • Extra: This costs $49/month and has the following basic features; email integration, custom domain, knowledge base, auto-suggest, widget, API as well as a storage space of 10G. Users also enjoy advanced features such as assignments, canned replies, 20 discussions filters, basic and advanced reports, Single Sign-On as well as security for groups and companies.
  • Ultimo: This costs $99/month and has the following basic features; email integration, custom domain, knowledge base, auto-suggest, widget, API as well as a storage space of 50G. Users also enjoy advanced features such as assignments, canned replies, activity filters, 50 discussions filters, basic and advanced reports, custom CSS, custom javascript, Single Sign-On as well as security for groups/companies, Beta/VIP users as well as private Tender.

Features/Benefits of Using Tender

The following are features and benefits enjoyed by Tender users:

  • Reply on the Go: Email Integration ensures that users can respond to customer complaints even when they bare on the go.
  • Canned Replies: When the same complaints resurface again and again, you do not need to type the same response all over. Simply create a response that fits the same scenario and use. Tender provides Echo Templates which you can use and save you lots of time.
  • Assignment: This feature allows a user such as the supervisor to assign a specific task to someone. While the assignment is not visible to the end-user, the agent assigned will be notified.
  • Reminders: This feature in Tender, ensures that all discussions get the right attention. Using the Activity filters, you can be reminded that a particular discussion has not been responded to within a stipulated timeframe. Discussions can also be closed when they have stayed too long.
  • Advanced Reporting: This feature provides users with the kind of data their decision makers will find very useful. Data for each discussion can be viewed in terms of response time, responder name and resolution time. Get the information on when there is a need to include a new team member or even discern which incident(s) has caused a surge in complaints.