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Team Snap Will Take the Stress Out of Managing Your Team Sport

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Managing team sports is not a trivial matter and depending on the level of sport being played, there can be a large number of people involved in all aspects of making sure things go smoothly and without any hitches and disasters. And all sorts of things can go wrong if things are not handled properly. For example, there is managing and keeping up to date all of the team member information with the contact details and their rostered duties, scheduling all matters related to the team including both training, special events, the games themselves of course and who is responsible for what including at the support levels of the team; and even just messaging everyone can be a nightmare and very time consuming if the proper system is not employed to get everyone informed and up to date with a minimum of fuss. Then there is the issue of tracking and managing the issue of fees, making sure they are all collected and accounted for; and with hopefully some level of statistical analysis available too to track the actual performance of the team and each players contribution. It may sound like a small thing, but even managing the snacks is an important part of the total process of managing a team sport properly.

Enter All Team Details Once then Broadcast Information From The Dashboard of Team Snap

Team Snap is one such software as a service online web site that holds out a lot of promise for being able to do all of the above and more. Creating your free account is easy, and after you have done so you are given twenty one days free use of the premium level of access to trial it out; after the twenty one days you can continue to use the free service level or pay to upgrade to the higher level. That is all fairly standard these days for software as a service business models. After creating your account, there are six stages to creating your team in the Team Snap web site. Stage one is all about setting its name, web site address if it has one, the division and season the team is in and some general set up parameters about email reminders to all people involved, time and date formats to use and so forth. The next stage is about uploading your team logo if there is one; which will then be incorporated in email notifications as and when they are sent out. Stage three is about uploading your team photograph if you have one.

Team Snap Integrates with FaceBook and Twitter

Then comes stage four; the meat and potatoes part of entering your teamís game schedule. All the usual information you would expect including the date, time, location, opposition team name gets specified here so that it can be sent out to all who need to know at the appropriate time. Stage five is entering the first and last names and email addresses for all the team members obviously of course so that they can be kept in the loop on events, games and changes. As you would expect, it is much better to enter all this and stage five into the system the one time carefully, and thereafter for the whole season not having any problems with all the attendant management issues of communicating with everyone. At the end of the six stage process, it is very easy to integrate the Team Snap team profile you have just created with both FaceBook and Twitter which means thereafter it will be easy to develop a following and contacts list in either or both of these micro blogging and social networking platforms.

Edit it All at Any Time

So when you have completed your teams profile, because the world is always changing and even the schedule of games can change just as individual team members can also change ñ whatever has been entered so far can be edited at any time. And it is far smarter to hold all data here in the one central location than to hope anyone can work efficiently by making dozens of phone calls and working with scraps of paper. From the dashboard inside your account, you can access the roster, the schedule, your availability, task tracking, fee payments and financial issues, statistical information about player and team performance, refreshments and who is scheduled to bring them, files and photo sharing, and a message manager where you control text and email messages to all or part of your team. Last but not least, there is also a section for special functions that is just for team managers ñ a section devoted to all the settings for how Team Snap will handle and present all the information contained in it.

Team Snap is Intuitive to Use

The entire Team Snap web site is very intuitive with an easy to understand and logical menu layout. Even customizing your statistical collection pages is remarkably easy to do with a logical way to configure every type of stat you want to record against each player or the team as a whole. For example, you may wish to define a statistic called ‘unforced errorî and the Team Snap system lets you name it whatever you want, with a shortened acronym, a mathematical formula if that is important, a group name for the statistic, how precise you wish the stat to be collected down to how many decimal places, should any rounding be done, percentages calculated and whether or not both team wide and personal team member stats should be shown and recorded. Totally customizable as you see fit to do so. It goes without saying that the team score will be recorded.

The message centre is definitely the essential heart and soul of the system given that communicating with everyone is generally the most time consuming part of team management. Why make thirty phone calls when you can draft one text message and click send to have it text and emailed to everyone in the system.