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Svpply, the Online Fashion Community

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Warning! Website described in this article is discontinued and no longer in service. Content is moved to ‘Discontinued Websites‘.

For fashionistas or just for ordinary people, it is important to look good. The fashion and beauty industry is one of the most competitive sectors of the business world. It has millions, or billions of enthusiasts world-wide. Though it is not a need, people are compelled to look good and with good reason – we feel good when we look good.

For many, an essential part of looking good is through acquisition of good clothing, apparel, and accessories. Men, women, or even children alike are more fashion-oriented than ever. Fashion awareness is partly made so by a ramp flow of commercials from the inception of media devices.

As we know, the internet has the widest array of items from any category. This is especially true with fashion-related items. Because of the expansiveness of the online world, one of the difficulties is finding the right item from literally millions of choice. Svpply understands this and strives to provide a highly social and interactive experience to finding the right items for the overwhelmed shopper.

What is Svpply

Svpply is social shopping site that lets you find items from a collection of the best products and stores. Co-founded by Zach Klein, this Vimeo designer knows how the impact and applications of visuals. This website allows you to keep track of products you want. Apps for mobile devices are also available for download from Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore.

Based on your contacts on Twitter and Facebook, you will know what products they want and own. Users will also discover items from others and allows them to display these in eye-pleasing galleries. Basically, Svpply is a community where you can discover products through others.

Svpply helps you find items you would not otherwise know about. It recreates the experience of window-shopping and turns it into a social experience. Each item in more than a million products in Svpply’s shop has been hand-selected by its members. There is nothing automated in the selection which means each item is “liked” and “wanted” by a real person. This is done through the book-marklet that appears beside each product.

Svpply has an ever expanding database of products – it has more than 3,000 new items a day generated by its users. To this date, Svpply is unofficially affiliated with more than 70,000 brands and it is expanding as users’ “wants” expands.

In September 2011, Svpply was acquired by Ebay NYC. This shows that Svpply’s vision is shared and recognized by the leading online merchant. With Ebay’s acquisition, six designers are added to Svpply’s team to further the company’s vision of being the top curated fashion collection online.

How To Use

Using Svpply is as easy as pie. The interface is as straight-forward as graphic as can be. The company’s main-page is At the top-most part of the website, there would be three options: “Shop”, “Register,” and “Search”. The first option takes you to a page where you can shop for items by simply clicking on the item’s picture. The list as shown by order of their “trending” status on social media platforms.

When you click of the items, you will be prompted with a dialog box that will ask you to register. You could do this by clicking “Connect with Facebook” or “Connect with Twitter”. Either which, it will take you to sign-up page where in you will have enter your full name and choose a username of your choice. Additional information such as your e-mail address and a chosen password will be asked. The next box will ask you to enter the two CAPTCHA that’s displayed. Note that you need to be correct on this CAPTCHA words before you can proceed with the registration process. Click “Register” to finalize your registration. You could also choose to register using your e-mail address.

If you already have an account, choose “Login” and enter your username and password. If you want to view the privacy and terms of the company, you could do that by clicking on the “Privacy & Terms” link at the side.

After the primary sign-up process, you will be asked to configure and edit “Your Feed”. These are the products from and stores that you follow. This is where you will see the items that are added by the people that you are following on Facebook and Twitter. At default, Svpply automatically adds featured members on your follow list but you can edit or add new people to your liking. Your feed is filtered by category, gender, and price.

One you have configured your list, products of who you follow will be shown. For example, a picture and price of a dress will be shown and the corresponding “wants” for it is displayed. Pointing the cursor over the item will display who found it and where was it found. A Facebook or Twitter contact can be seen alongside the item if that contact “wants” it.

Additionally, you can “want” an item by clicking the red button “Want”. You can also click the dropdown arrow beside the button and select if you want to “collect” or mark it as “owned”.

Svpply’s system pleases the shopper’s discerning eye without having to manually flip through a store’s racks. I especially like the fact that most items are shown on a model, giving the shopper an idea how it would look when fitted. The wearer, of course, are all models but at least that is better than just viewing it on a hanger or display rack.

Svpply’s competitors are other visually-oriented navigation app like Pinterest and Shopience. The former is a social bookmarking site with a virtual pinboard interface and Shopience is a relatively new online webite for social fashionistas.

Svpply serves its purpose of helping shoppers visually explore the fashion world online. The content leans toward apparels and other fashion must-haves such as accessories and footwear. Additional content are Tech, Home, and Art.