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Survey Monkey – Powerful Survey Design and Reporting Web Site

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Because the Internet is now so ubiquitous, and crosses all national borders to be accessed by billions of people every day, its range of uses and the ìonline software as a serviceî choices available today is truly impressive. And almost all of these software services are free of charge at least for an introductory period so as to build their user base. And it is highly unlikely that services like FaceBook will ever introduce charging or fee for service type business modeling even as they approach a billion user accounts; just as no one would ever pay for searching on google. It is clear that advertising is always a viable way for web site and portal owners will always continue to be the main way they monetize their web site investments. And so it falls to the functionality, ease of use and desirability of web sites that enable them to grow. If an owner has a great idea and builds a great web site, they will be assured of user numbers in the millions; depending on the utility or interest people have in the siteís core software offering.

One such valuable tool that has been developed by a number of deep pocketed web site owners is the area of online surveys. And one of the rapidly rising stars of the online survey niche is Survey Monkey. Beginning life as a private company funded by Ryan Finlay back in the early days of 1999, he sold it ten years later to a private equity consortium in 2009 and it went on to acquire several of its key competitors; namely Precision polling, Zoomerang and WuFoo. This has not only consolidated its place in the market as one of the biggest services conducting online surveys and polls, Survey Monkey now boasts more than twelve million registered users of the service. And it also lays claim to some very big name clients on its books, including Samsung and Toyota.

Survey Monkey Offers Great Value for Free; Better Value for Special needs

While they do offer a free service, there is no question that they want you to subscribe for their premium level of service. And as with any survey, it all comes down beginning with designing your survey; which includes not just the survey questions but also the survey layout generally. And so it is wise to define your objectives which in real terms means figuring out what it is that your are trying to decide based on what the survey results show you. Once you have established that, then you need to work backwards from there to be clear about what data you need to collect in order to be able to make informed decisions. This two steps lead you to establishing your questions and most important in the ìwhat questions to survey withî stage, it is most important that you do not build into your survey questions any type of bias. That is, the imperative is to not ask any leading questions because you are genuinely trying to find out what the survey visitor does actually think or feel about your issues. The main benefit of Survey Monkey is that its structure is designed to lead you in the right direction of your survey design so that you truly do get the best outcome; which is the credible information you need in order to make intelligent decisions about your issue. And so at the end of the design phase, Survey Monkey strongly suggests that you take your newly created survey for a test drive so that you can tweak it for any forgotten matters important to its success.

Let the Wizard Guide Your Survey Monkey Design

The beauty of Survey Monkey is that its wizard guides you through the process of creating the right kind of survey for your needs, and it even comes with well over one hundred existing templates for you to choose from across ten different categories. And interestingly, only seven of those templates actually relate to customer feedback, where as twenty of them relate to education. Most business will have an industry specific form for their survey needs; and the great thing about Survey Monkey is how customizable it all is. A good way to begin your survey design is to start with an existing industry specific survey template, and then modify it as and where you see the need. That is, it is always easier to change something that exists to what you need exactly than it is to start from scratch and design it toally from the ground up.

Not All Surveys are Done Online; Survey Monkey Will Phone People for You if You Want

It will always be important to know what your customers think before and after as well as during the sale process, and so most businesses will be well served by having exit surveys as people leave your company web site. And market research generally will similarly also be an important need to fill. But not to be forgotten, sometimes the survey is all about just having some fun. Certainly you will not be short of ideas based on the existing templates, especially when adding your own creative mind to the survey creation priocess. One category of value added services that you should also bear in mind with Survey Monkey and that is the extras that you can procure from them. That is, you can buy survey results from them, or get them to design your survey for you if you are not sure about how to go about an intricate design of more complex matters. And they can offer you FaceBook survey services as well as telephone surveys where they will phone people with your survey materials. And this all goes to the issue of who you should survey; given that not always are you conducting a survey of people who have already visited your business or bought something from you. In essence, your survey could be designed for a target audience, or a random sample of a specific community niche.