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Get The Best Survey Design and Results Using SurveyAnalytics

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The fast-paced changes that take place in the society today has necessitated continuous research to stay abreast. There has never been more need for data on people than the present time. In contemporary times, enterprises are struggling to understand their customers in order to predict them and prepare adequately but this is proving very difficult as human beings are confronted with increasing change and adapting to those changes. As human beings change, their preferences also undergo alteration and within that brief time, an enterprise may lose some of its customer base. To avoid this, they must acquire sufficient data about their customers and the things concerning their customers which may have an effect on the enterprise. This requires a robust platform that combines the right tools with methodologies suited to elicit the right responses from people which can be converted into actionable data. Of course, there are many survey platforms out there but finding one that can scale to any level and has the requisite width and depth of operations to work within diverse industries while maintaining consistency of performance is always a challenge for enterprises. This challenge has caused many enterprises to settle for less accurate results and thus insufficient data with which to make critical business decisions. SurveyAnalytics is a result of a focused effort to solve these challenges.

SurveyAnalytics is a robust online platform that enables users to gather indepth customer insight by using its suite of interconnected and user-friendly data collection and analysis tools for research purposes. The platform has been designed and purpose-built to help organizations to centralize research efforts, reduce feedback management costs while boosting efficiency throughout the organization. The suite includes online surveys, mobile surveys, data visualization as well as advanced analytics. The platform is not only user-friendly, it is also affordable while boasting of the ability to scale to any level in addition to handling any research design. The platform’s feedback and listening capabilities span more than 30 industries while it is able to deliver feedback on a global scale and in realtime in more than 40 languages.

SurveyAnalytics is well-suited to the needs and requirements of enterprises with a diverse range solutions including customer satisfaction surveys and product development intelligence. All these solutions provide realtime data which may form the basis for key business decisions. Tools available on the platform for survey purposes include Flex-Grid, MaxDiff, Turg Analysis, Conjoint Analysis and Interactive Research Design among others. SurveyAnalytics has garnered clientele among some of the top enterprises globally and some of them include Zynga, Van Meter, Ferguson Enterprises, New England Biolabs and PlanB Research among others. The platform’s consistently outstanding performance has also continued to earn it plaudits within the market Research industry.

Features of SurveyAnalytics

SurveyAnalytics packs a lot of features that make the use of the platform by its clients a rewarding experience. These include:

  • Collaborate – Team Features: Clients are able to share survey, survey results and survey stylesheets. If there are multiple users within an organization, the platform permits them to share the surveys with other survey administers. When the results are available, viewing may also be restricted to by publishing private via secure dashboard accounts.
  • Developer/API Access: Using technologies that are platform-independent such as XML, HTTP as well as XML-RPC, SurveyAnalytics is able to grant developers the access to well-customized and integrated data collection system which is company-specific. The developers may also select the development platform and languages that suits them or their purpose.
  • Research- Conjoint Add-on: Clients can leverage the Conjoint Add-on to conduct advanced surveys and execute in-depth analysis thus finetuning their analysis for for more accurate and quality results.
  • Integrate – Salesforce Add-on: If the client already uses Salesforce, this Add-on makes the exchange of survey data with the Salesforce system very easy. This is a very vital component of the platform for clients looking to integrate survey data with other enterprise platforms for more enhanced output.

Benefits of SurveyAnalytics

The SurveyAnalytics platform offer its users amazing benefits and these include the following:

  • Superior Benefits: A core consideration while designing and building the platform was its suitability to the needs of various users as well as levels of knowledge. Thus anyone can use the platform whether the person is a novice or expert.
  • Reliability and Commitment: SurveyAnalytics invests significant resources in ensuring that the needs of its clients are met and even exceeded.
  • Proven Track Record: The platfrom has been used by thousands of clients globally for their online research with excellent results.
  • Security: The platform has also invested heavily in ensuring that it meets the highest security standards available on the internet for the benefit and security of its clients’ data.
  • Support: SurveyAnalytics has an expert team of developers who are tasked with ensuring that clients enjoy 100% success in their online research.

Signing Up to Use SurveyAnalytics

SurveyAnalytics is not built as a mass-oriented platform for use by anyone. It is an enterprise-grade platform and intending users may request for a free evaluation license to use the platform’s full features for 7 days. Simply get to the homepage and click on the ‘Free Evaluation’ tab to navigate to the page. A form is presented requiring Name, Phone, Email, Company and Purpose for using the survey. After filling in these details, enter the security code beneath the form then click “Get Started’.

Intending users may also request a demo in order to have a member of the SurveyAnalytics team make contact. To do so, click the ‘Request Demo’ button on the homepage to navigate to the appropriate page where a form is presented. The following details are require on the form; Company, First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone as well as any comment the person may wish to add. Enter the security code just beneath the form and click the ‘Submit’ button to submit the form.